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Time eleven eleven. Rescuers suspended their search at sunset for a fifty two year old Elgin woman who disappeared yesterday while swimming in Lake Michigan. But the daily herald says they expect a return tomorrow in hopes of locating, Lena lemon. She disappeared off a Highland Park beach while she and nine other members of a cold water swimming club attempted to navigate what authorities described as dangerous conditions. Second member of the group Forty-six year old man died after being pulled from the water on responsive. Berlin man has been sentenced in absentia for drug dealing and dupage county twenty five year old Jose Morales was arrested by homeland security in September of two thousand fifteen for selling heroin. His bond was set at a million dollars over the objection to prosecutors Morales's bond was reduced to seven hundred fifty thousand dollars. He made Bill March of last year. Morales was able to free himself from his monitoring device. It was found on the side of the road near route Eighty-three at Roosevelt road in elmhurst. No one knows where he is. Keith johnson. Newsradio one zero five point nine FM. A in Indianapolis teacher who is shot by thirteen year old boy inside his classroom described on the court hearing today how he tackled and disarmed the students science teacher Jason semen is credited with holding the may twenty fifth shooting that also wounded the thirteen year old girl at Noblesville west middle school semen testified during the juvenile court hearing today for the boy seaman played defensive lineman for the football team. At sl. You from twenty seven to twenty ten Chicago police superintendent, Eddie Johnson has announced changes to his senior leadership. Team Francis valid as has been selected to fill the position of deputy chief St. deputy commander. Susan moss becomes executive officer of areas central Brian McDermott is the new eighth district commander Laurine begun takes over. As the sixteenth district.

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