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She is getting five hundred thousand dollars a settlement with all parties involved wobble says she will use part of the money to larger new initiative debate body camera video more accessible to all residents in utah involved in a policeman so that we all deserve to know the triage in the trash comes when they see the actual raw footage i'm joe ramsey republicans saw in what is considered the most powerful committee on capitol hill have delayed unveiling of their tax reform proposal by at least one day as they continue to hammer out legislation behind closed doors bob constantini says there may be enough the compromise on one key sticking point the president wanted through the house by thanksgiving but it will have to wait another day tax writers on the ways and means committee continue working on tax reform and cuts that will please enough members to pass one of the point of contention ending deductions for state and local taxes that had republicans in mostly blue states concern armed speaker paul ryan last week i believe that the ways and means committee will be working with these members in particular to find a solution that solution may be keeping deductions for state and local property taxes waiting to sign whatever president trump who tweeted of the tax cuts these will be biggestever bob costantini capitol hill and finally let's get one more look at wall street today republican lawmakers will start releasing details of their tax reform plan today the president said he expects to have a signing ceremony by christmas now we know that there is a twenty percent corporate tax rate and that will go into effect right of way if it's past there will also be a fourth rate for the nation's highest earners a lifeline for the struggling us solar energy industry a federal plan is calling for new tariffs and other restrictions on cheap imported solar panels being dumped on the us market by china and some other countries all prices in august it a fresh record high up another six percent that month the biggest increases in seattle prices skyrocketed more than thirteen percent higher and just one year property damage claims from those wildfires in california's wine country now three point three billion dollars open enrollment begins today for the.

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