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Top after so many decades, and we appreciate it, And we thank you for doing it. Thank you for your loyalty and thank you for telling all of your friends about it, cause this doesn't happen with just you listening it you have to evangelize a little bit, and we appreciate it. Bottom of our hearts. So thank you for that on. We will continue to earn every single day your respect in your loyalty, Speaking of earning every single day, respect and loyalty, happy anniversary to the beautiful, amazing, intelligent, talented and super hot MEREDITH Dake o Khan or five years ago today, she said, I do and I said, Oh boy, do I ever And and we have been married five glorious years. So happy anniversary my love. It's great living life with you joining us right now, look, that was all warm and fuzzy. And now and now And now we get to bring in, you know my work, wife and culture. And Coulter from cold. And you were there at one of my very first dates with MEREDITH. By the way, I don't think you knew it was one of I know what I was about to say. You are a lucky man. Congratulations to you and and regards and best wishes to marry. Thank you and my favorite part When we told you that we were dating as you leaned over to her and said, I thought he was gay. Welcome on, Larry. Everybody did that sort of musical theatre thing I understand. And I want to play you something. I just finished talking about it. So you don't know what it is, but I'm just curious. You're if you picked up on this is well. Here's a quick montage from the last four days of our lives. Joe Biden is his resilience born of too much struggle, his empathy. Everyone has a story about Joe's caring and empathy, acting with empathy. Kids in this country are seeing what happens when we stop requiring empathy. Joe Biden's empathy is genuine. You can field you know, And when I think of the great presidents Washington Lincoln Reagan the first thing I think you know what made him great, they had empathy. No, You're absolutely right. It is, I guess. Part of the specification of America. I remember a few years ago. I think it was in the 2004 election. I'm gonna find this column and tweet it later, I noticed that all of the Democrats running for president we're using, as like they're selling point. That they had a family member who had died or someone close to them. And the only exception was Al Sharpton. Everybody else had tragedies. Al Sharpton goes around creating tragedies or other family. Well, he had a tragedy lost pretty bad. Ah defamation suit, But that doesn't play well in Iowa. Yes, but you were always giving speeches and people would end up dead after you joined up the crowd. Yeah, that was that was very weird. And I'd also say Part of what we'd heard about this. This empathy Mang ring is a lot of people have tragedies in their lives. Um And they somehow they go on. It's only when you let the tragedy define you. I mean, it's often the people around someone if you if you know someone who had something being a parent die when they were kids or orchids die. Um it's the people around them. You know, you just want out. You just want to hug them and Oh, this is this is horrible. How can you get on with your life on And if they're young enough, I mean older people. There isn't much more to live for a TTE that point, But you know, you got to get on with your life. It doesn't seem a very good life lesson to me. The other thing. I don't know if you've been been mentioning this, but after after watching the Joe Biden speech last night and then hearing everyone say, Oh my gosh. It was the most fabulous political speech. History. He didn't drool all over. Yes, exactly. He didn't in the middle of it. He didn't stop and say, Where the hell am I? I mean it. Well, there there you go. I want him to be president. Right? O R. Come on, man, or Well, I was going to say, but no, no, I shouldn't say it. I shouldn't. You know, he has a lot of weird tics. When he's forgotten where he is in the conversation. I have to say I was surprised that he got through it without stumbling. And then you know, I woke up in the middle of the night, I realized that was live to tape. They did that expression in media land that many of you may not be familiar with the Houston TV networks used to scam me with this because I hated when they'd invite me in for an interview, Talk to me for two hours and then chop it up. Presented as if they just kept scoring off of May. Wait a minute. You didn't let me finish. You didn't get the rest of the sentence there on DH, So I used to insist on only live interviews on they'd scare me by saying, Oh, yeah, Live live. I chop well live to tape and what they mean by that is there If there's not a studio audience, there's no reason not to do it. In theory, they're going to tape you and then that's what's going to show. But I think you're you're capable of editing lives today. I'm not saying it was edited last night, but it wasn't live life that could have been the fifth Take It could've been the 50th right sea and are now are you sure? Because I've been trying to get the answer to that question, because that was my hunch as well. I'm sure in my soul, Okay? Okay. No, no, no. Because it had the feel it had that feel. I agree with you and the fact that it won't leak, you know, I mean, it's kind of amazing that his vice presidential nominee didn't leak. It's amazing that you know these various Peaches didn't didn't leak. I thought it was weird, You know, Obviously, the media had an advanced copy of Obama's speech, for example, on for some time, and it wasn't until right before the convention unless my my Internet Search search abilities are were on the blink. You didn't get the full speech out there the way you sometimes do with the way you probably will. What's Trump They give you a little bits and pieces of it? So I know the media is very careful not to leak things that could hurt their side. Yeah, It's funny how that works, and you know what really annoys me. Annoying me. It actually outrages me is that Biden still gets the benefit of this, So he's such a nice guy. He's such a nice now He's a jerk. OK, he was a jerk to Clarence Thomas. He was a jerk to Robert Bork. He's a jerk to anyone on the campaign trail, who dares to challenge him any yells of them and calls them names. But he also started this entire campaign. His very first public statement with that little announcing his candidacy and all the way up to last night with the lie about Charlottesville continues to tell the lie about Charlottesville. Yes, that's what made him run a lie. Most of his speech, which, according to You know Brian Williams and the rest of them. The most amazing political speech in U. S history. It was, you know, a bunch of cliches and banalities other than the big, fat stinking. Why Yeah, that was exciting. That got the blood running because itjust in rate and it's like a form of mass psychosis. Remember one You probably don't know this was such a weird story kind of took it by storm, but it was like 10 years ago. All these cheerleaders, some small town in upstate New York, all developed what appeared to be a weird disease. They all started having tics. And and they have seizures and seizures, actual seizures, So there was a claim they have to search all the water. Is there something in the water, But it's all it starts with the cheerleaders and goes to the other lady. The girls in high school turn out. It was just a mental thing or a neurological thing. I mean, you can have you can have things in your brain effect. Your physicality, but it's it's it's mass hysteria..

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