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The other one did you want me to onset did mogae you want me to mogae thank you thanks can be i wish i could give you a release date i can't at this point in time because i'm halfway through it but it's finding the time to finish it and you know when you're promoting people sneak got a full time job and is a life outside of literature and visiting friends and people that you know and doing things it makes it hard but i'm hoping full by the end of the ship but no promises on no guarantees but it'll be fun book it'll be a different book too i'm looking forward i'm to looking i can't for wait that i can't when wait the time comes when the time i love comes your books all i love your love books you maria for things love you maria for when things i started reading them when i i can't started stop reading until them i can't i'm almost stop finished until i'm almost and finished then i have to and finish then i have it to because i finish want to know it what the because as i want to know what on the that finishes murder mystery on it that was murder so mystery good both it was so the audrey good both books the are audrey excellent pucks rating are excellent drayton bless your heart thank you bless so your much heart for that thank maria you so much for okay that thank marie you really was very very i'm just delighted that you called in and you know what i couldn't agree with you more red stevens read book stevens the book chapel the of eternal chapel love playing of i've eternal gone love and read plug every i've gone review and read i could every find review on i the could other find two and i on could the not other two agree and with i could you more not so agree listeners with you more do so listeners pick up that do pick pickup up your that pencil pick and up jot your down pin stevens and jot down website for stevens personalized website for autograph personalized copy autograph.

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