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A little bleak i'm a confident guy i'm not worried about amazon i'm not were about online i endorse it by the way do you sell amazon yesterday how you do there and not so good they don't really understand fashion honor i don't know if they ever will but who knows as soon as i say that they would probably they'll end of buying i think what they did with whole foods was genius and i think they could very easily pick up a j crew or something like that become experts in that field so that's a company that seasonal boundaries respect them the they look over the horizon not added so yeah but okay i'm glad your son not scared by it at all i mean i think there's i think would ended up happening in the industry i think everybody got a little too lazy you know i i spent i was up at the westchester mall this weekend with my daughter and and there's probably fifteen vacancies in the mall and but then i have to say i felt very encouraged walking through there i realise things are evolving sowed malls used to you know they got lazy they got lazy with their occupants they got lazy with sam kauona big box retailer in here so they can fill all my online malls and so they would go to the big box ones as opposed to going to the small ones like ginola for example so they have a new store up in the west chester mall shy no other opening up a casper abed company up there they've changed their they kind of they started cheering them all but more they really said you know we're not gonna do every mall exactly the same let's make this one special wants to some local things that makes sense for the customer roseville field where i am at home they have a heck could store of lung which i thought was very clever asc i don't believed they'll do well there but it was clever they also have very new ideas coming again we'll see you feel one thing that needs to happen the most of the b better and smarter or what they're doing yeah they had their their you have to get more curated i've got brands and designers brands have to figure that out as well i mean i think.

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