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Nanda and welcome back where on Marvel episode four I. Believe. Let's discuss the next two films than the chronology, and that is guardians of the galaxy one to. which I believe her James Guns, masterpieces considering the movies famous off of Worthy Scooby Doo movies. Anyway Let's get into it Guardian's one. Now, there's a lot to talk about so. Make, this quick marvel studios. It was feeling the surge of confidence after the avengers which we've discussed. So the studio started being bold. We saw this in the last two movies we discussed you know for. Not that much but Captain America to for Short, very huge departure from the tried and tested marvel. Formula. But even then guardians of the galaxy such accused risk. You know it's a movie that was so unlikely to connect with the audiences. You Know Marvel. At this point is adapting a property that was so obscure even comic book fans to know. About. The Guardians. It's such a small franchise. Obviously Kevin Foggy and his genius brain recognized the potential. I'm sure there were more people involved with Kevin. Feige is the only public genius that I'm aware of. and this movie eventually paved the way for Geeky Niche Comic Book Movies. Anyway the history of this franchise is it's very intermittent its niche. It has very little connection to the rest of the universes and the series was canceled quite a few times. The latest version of the team I think one premiered in about two thousand five contains most of the actors in the live action adaptation. The film adaptation should say, actually sorry I've been doing a lot of work with Matthew on the Disney podcast recently. Anyway no one. After it came out came so close to the first What's called MCI movie Ironman. The Comic Book Series No one would have imagined. That would have been the tenth movie in the. In the MC. Behemoth. Of An institution. Obviously. Marvel studios saw something this and. It became the launching pad for the far regions of the cosmic universe of Marvel. Gardens the galaxy. Regardless it was a huge gamble. So the first person to lay their hands on the script. Nicole. Perlman. she in March two, thousand, nine, join. This thing that marvel does call the marvel writers program they hired writers through this. Program who outlined or developed ideas or even screen plays based on marvel properties for to lay. The groundwork for future mobile movies. So this happened with stuff like blade happened Fist Black Panther Miss Marvel doctor strange. And Perlman joined and she focused on Guardians. To worked on the screenplay until maybe two thousand eleven select two years. And obviously Kevin against probably saw potential in it because in two thousand ten hinted guardians could be feature you've film and it was announced and in two thousand, Twelve James Gunn was hired to re write. Rewrite the script and direct the film And you know the whole. Cost was broaden. Obviously there's still a bunch of issues with. The credit on the script goes the writers guild they give to both Perlman Handgun. but M- both of them didn't agree publicly with each other's contribution levels. According to Perlman. You. Know Gun deep under screenplay had it is humor. And added the element of the soundtrack. she said that though he did change quite a lot at the fundamentally sort of foundation level. The script is still pretty much. Perlman's characters Perlman Story. Perlman's ARC. But James Gunn says that he changed it from top to bottom that none of it is promise he also believes that The. Writers Guild only. Gave Pearlman the the credit because she was the first rider and the righteous prefers that. He even tinted some favoritism towards women but I. That makes no sense to me. You know I it leaves a bad taste my mouth because. Guns working on this movie is good but when you? You just wish he was more gracious about this whole thing because it really didn't need like the things he said. Completely unnecessary. But you know. That's what happens when you try to sell the movie based on his perception as a director. But anyway you know. You started the summer of two thousand, fourteen guardians of the galaxy. It becomes completely james guns project he did terrific job. he started off doing movies. Scooby Doo don of the dead Scooby Doo two slither. Super. None of these really huge films. But as we know marvel they have a reputation for giving trances to these smaller directors on these big movies. For this forgotten, those good because he wanted to make a movie those disconnected from the rest of the movie from the rest of his photography. He even include Thanos in some of these scenes, he wanted the tone to be different more light, more humorous, definitely more colorful and you can see that. In the pilot that he uses. And he was really up for the whole introduction of the cosmic element idea. You know at the end of the day, all the ingredients were there they? Were the right ones in the right quantity to make this sort of a separate from the a earthly events of the MC we've gone used to but also You know. Strong enough to hold its own ground..

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