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To get you know because they well the guy all set a record when he shot the first you know some of the people stood up ever try to get in the way I had to wait just a second because the whole thing was listen six second from start to finish and it was my pleasure I didn't hit it you know some one member there yeah as I think about that though he hesitated for a moment yet the whole thing was over done within six seconds thousand one thousand two thousand three thousand four thousand five thousand six that fast thirty General Ken Paxton was on boxes say saying he hopes other states learn from this experience and do something similar to what we've done here in Texas I know you have said that you you hold that the possible good that can come from this is that other states see that this could have been much worse and it was it and potentially receive the message that this gun law was the result of that the gun law was what what what potentially lead to that and they may follow suit do you are you hopeful that that could be the case the center yes I mean this worked I mean we cannot stop every incident we can't stop if we can't change the fact that there are people who are mentally ill we may bill to treat someone but let's face it this is going to happen again and we need to be prepared as as Jack discuss they were prepared this church was prepared and they are an example of what can be done in and within six seconds they dealt with the issue and saved potentially hundreds of people I hope the other churches around the country will adopt policies like this and we can stop losing so many people in these incidences occur at cedar gentle can Paxton coming up on seven fifty two time for traffic and weather together Zack grab your first well your still looking pretty clear there's a minor congestion starting to pop up here and there but nothing two significant so far east tex freeway but when the downtown is twelve minutes if you're on the Westpark tollway it from the southwest freeway to highway six it's nine to ten minutes of your on the beltway headed north bound south was related to Katy freeway is eight to ten minutes I'm Jack Babin the Gulf because windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center from our KJRH non school again in twenty four hour weather center today we are looking at mostly sunny skies high temperature about sixty three clouds early tomorrow showers for the.

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