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Is a big basketball fan high school college covers it all loves it yeah he's really down or northwestern is it raining down for its you know they got smart kids up there schools doing just fine they don't have to win ninety eight Chris counts doesn't have to win every bill Carmody for every never even sniff the turn right now if this continues for five more years okay if they're one in eleven every year you know maybe but be patient with Chris Collins disposal you they're gonna have a good record recruiting class coming in you know how hard it did with the what he walked into we finally got into a turn it now they haven't been able to sustain at all but you know what kind of position he walked into a school that had made the tournament in what sixty years or something and I made a hitting do you know what what he walked into a hard that must be so I would just preach patience and also gave the northwestern thing happened before the loyal of thing that was the year before I want to say northwest was in the tournament but western with your before then we only came and did what they did yeah they went all the way to the final four that's still the most unlikely if you had any momentum whatsoever if you had big mall with you have good things were happening for you at that time in and Chris calms talking about term a we made last year we just missed this year but boy we've got ourselves a young point guard it's going to come in and not be able to play because you're going to find himself on the bench right because of the different situations yeah you you've got all that going out and then we'll make the final four and becomes the sweetheart of the city of Chicago nobody knows you're not going to average then because you're stopping at Loyola stopping just fire it is Rogers Rogers park you're going every all neighbors all the ABC so all of them are stopping at Rogers park we're not making it up to have the yeah yeah and these older thunder movies for a burger fund a soldier thunders what they get that's a look in there have a hard time replicating it right right is when your school and they be Val parade so yesterday and operates a loyal I don't know if you're on that and see that good a member of the big kid the lefty sure we had an ice little tongue with rugged little play I'm looking right and the big deal yeah big black she's right yet should treat low because I don't know what his name is Ken civil crutch it is something like that I don't know what it is zero yeah yeah yeah I know that one yeah it's hard to re it's hard to do and that's still the most unlikely sports story crack crack we got his name as a Cameron Crowe exited yeah I was last on like that yeah we love mark is this still this is the most unlikely sports story of of our lives I mean I get you know like locally because the miracle on ice in the probably few others is that that's got to be right yeah I think three years ago was in the final friggin for yes and they were they were beating good teams to get there do you like it wasn't like they had a you know an easy easy bracket to get through they had some quarterly good wins be able to validate your right to see which was really good team that year I feel like they did in the Tennessee they we the only game you could say well with Kansas state nearly day wasn't a great team like that was you know oil world that they do that it's amazing so you don't worry you don't sweat over their markets all right Chris council getting going things will be okay yeah we're gonna nominate Joe's stone crab primetime players in the weekend it's tough without it football I'm tellin ya I I I got I got a guy I mean I got a guy you got a guy and you guys got somebody economic let's nominate Joe's stone crab prime time players it's Monday we do whatever money you got a chance to win a one hundred dollar gift card one of our favorite restaurants in Chicago Joe seafood prime steak and stone crab restaurant I was going to nominate the kid who's the young the the the young kid in Philly right now is playing great all the sudden Cork mas right full full here's another one from yeah for a verdict for common core complies who lit the bulls up to the tune of thirty one yesterday that kid couldn't miss Turkish plane he is Turkish a monster game a couple nights ago gets meant this with a bounce back in the hold of John Marin the Grizzlies at home me drop like thirty five in that game a couple of thirty point games over the weekend who's ever heard of Kirk mon first mine court miles but you have can nominate him you nominated I'm ago Nick Taylor the Canadian but he won the pebble beach that's right the bright Pickens right now about the NFL boys minus for nominating we're nominating a Turk in the Canadian now minus nineteen one by four first Concorde mas well we got you may use me the kid from do crew brought back Jones he was awesome yeah I got to say trade Jones Saturday night that was I watch the replay that Sunday morning he was pretty spectacular I'm I'm gonna go with so with Nick Taylor here he's Nicol Nick Taylor the kid who sure that's his name yes that's your call has mentioned right yes yeah Nick Taylor yes the Canadian yeah he did fill yesterday and fills Corso's won there five times okay I think to the PGA tour and that they have to be Surgeon if I were the PGA tour I'd be taking every bit of profit I had and I'd be putting it into anti aging remedies and like developing your own fountain of youth because when Tiger Woods says say la vita the PGA tour will you can close this you might as well close the doors I mean there's got to be problems right I'm a huge golf fan I was at the rough watches all this in mercantile defend the PGA tour today I like the way we defend the NHL yes Merck it'll go down to that his to his grave defending how great golf is how much she likes watching and what did you just say Randy I said it was a tough loss yesterday evening they might have all close the doors when Tiger Woods can't play anymore there's nobody every golfer should thank tiger every time they see him they should be following down at the altar of Tiger Woods it said that should the PGA tour should put put all your profit in our Indiana how you're gonna keep him at like forty two three years old forty four years old because when he can't play anymore I hope there's no there somewhere to listen to it for you know I mean big Phil was near the leader for the whole week coming from working himself did you hear what he just said he said it was a tough watch yeah and he's gonna feel to be better this week he's please watching European stock I know in the mornings and if you think that the US has no players go to Europe and see what they wanted they beat us every year if they've got no players in the right arm because most of the guys over here playing in the tournaments all I how dare you play yeah understand gotcha I mean yeah I Tommy fleet was gonna cut his teeth over get a bunny of all the air and you know travel to the US spring the caddy maybe the Mrs Thomas late one Taha gonna go get a pint and yeah yeah it's great to compete in the end right that very and in one of these days I'll get my and Alex nor in you know yeah well that's the guy that plays in Europe he plays in Europe all the times you make enough money should come to the states and enjoy life a little bit is there hope when Tigers gonna mean yeah Jordan Spieth's got the personality of my socks right Brooks kept going to since the two words that he and John I'm sorry the call for that right just bland Dustin Johnson walks around like that if you are seeing signs of these like Tony then Cortez in that episode eight town hunky Tony like DJ it's the ball a million miles he looks good but like what else is there to and there's nothing all a million miles I know with tiger came on tour he was hit and banging at three hundred forty six yards down the fairway it was all just a part of that nobody was in that Davis love the story use a person is bad for heaven's sake what's this metal you kids are there he comes out there want to pop collar and a sweater with a pastel pulling up right what is it you fellows are using their right out of the country is that a metal is there any chance I grasp your club in and go out there and strike some balls with it Davis love you said strikes and balls I tried some ball now they all your clothes right they only three hundred Bob's nothing different shades anything from anybody when Greg do dragon ball when Greg Norman usually get out to the eighteenth at Kemper lakes right here in Chicago land area that's right and Greg Norman started hitting the ball over the water I mean I'm going to green it was like whoa they that the country had to put trees they put trees in the middle of the pond to sue the Greg Norman couldn't hit the ball on that path any medical Alaska they had to find some fully matured Douglas foreigners and there'd be sure brought back so what I try to pull him up so he couldn't talk with Greg Norman was doing that was awesome was like all look at the shark in he's got the cool hacked and he's from Australia and when Tiger Woods burst on the scene he he's bombing at three hundred twenty yards on that now they all do that did nothing differentiates them and there's nobody like tiger nobody nobody's like tiger tiger's playing this weekend so maybe they'll be some juice to this terminal I like that and if tiger plays well Herald in Skokie what's up Herald Hey what's up guys I want to talk about the XFL actually I was able to watch that game on Saturday all I feel with yellow jacket or you keep the fenders are well I'm bi I find it really interesting I got a point system especially the kick off was kind of like you got to wait for the cure if the ball well was surprised me the most some of you guys ever got a chance to let the game was the fan the fan has Jersey Donald like while I'm with you know they really a guy are you know because they look at their supporting more the DC defenders unknown Ruskin was I found a really funny it is not on it yeah but I what I also see that I mean like okay a couple years ago with the MLS when they first started like with eighties back in ninety eight so now has grown so much I kind of go see that what's going to happen with except about something after the Superbowl done something a new lease but star at the Superbowl naked see probably next five maybe ten years if it keeps going not a good five to six eight more single cry to get involved with this but when I hear about what you think about that I think I mean look I do get and I've said this already today few times there is a big appetite for football in this country but even with that thank there have been leaks that have tried to take a piece of the NFL year and it's never worked right like the USFL always fail the arena league game only really is kind of gone on third few different iterations but it doesn't have the juice that the NFL has the AFL even going back forty fifty years at this point eventually being gobbled up by the NFL so I guess that's the greatest success story but like can anybody really take a piece of what the NFL has right now and I find it hard to believe but maybe we'll see and if you're buying an XFL Jersey you are definitely a Die Hard okay do I kinda tease a soul but I do want to get something from the week or the bulls without one local writer suggesting that change could be the winds of change could be blowing through the you see the advocate center in the off season will discuss next listening to Carmen in.

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