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Holyfield from Alabama. The great Earnie shavers is from Alabama. The amazing Joe Lewis is from Alabama, and you and my takeaway as none of you guys played for the crimson tide. Now you had to play football at some point. Most definitely most definitely I play football when I was younger, and when I was in high school, I definitely had the desire to play for the Alabama Christmas. I mean when you were a child raised up right during the city, that's almost like our professional sports. So you see all the school's spirit, especially when they're playing playing over is a big rows like a Super Bowl. Yes. A mcgaw. Everybody gets so emotional or when they're playing plan open. You know, I'm so as a child, you definitely have the desires and the motivation to play for them, but you had a young daughter, and that she had spina bifida, and you needed you need to go make some money, and I needed a fast, you know. Although I have plans. But my plan consists of me still standing school, you know, and I needed money. Now, I didn't know nothing about spina bifida. What would it would take to take a towel with spina bifida been nineteen years old? That was very scary. That was one of the most scariest part of my life when my life. No, I'm bringing the life. So you made it you made a decision Deontay go box, and it your size. You weren't going to be a lightweight. You became a sparring partner of Ladimir Klitschko well before before before then I made the Olympics team in metal in the loop. No one has made the team in metal. Like, I did I did it in a year and a half. No one has done is. He started boxing when I started boxing. I wasn't. I wasn't even on the list when it came to USA boxing who would make the team Mr. my name wasn't there. They always said I came out of nowhere, and I really did. And then later on in my career. I went to go camp. A champ for a decade most Dabney, it was amazing experience. You know, just getting there. I would have done it for free just to get their spears just to be amongst the champ. I always say when when I was going to say this guy has been the chapter for so long. Now, I get to get an inside view of. Why is he been a champ for so long? So I took a lot of notes in that camp. Okay. Tyson fury. You guys you knock him down. We have video in the twelfth round. And it was a tight fight. Now. A lot of people said you had lost the fight. You knock him down. He gets back up in its it's they raise your arm. Now, a lot of people felt he had outboxed you in a majority of the rounds. Did you feel that? I don't I don't feel that I feel like the more aggressor I feel like I through the more effective punt landed the more effective punches. You know being that? I was you such a small heavyweight and apply. So much force and empower, you know, my Powell lasted over in the twelfth know. I definitely was very anxious to get him out of there. You know, I didn't feel the press into I really just got an arena just to see how many people just just turned up for you know, because it is it's been, you know, heavyweight division in America has been down. You know, I remember time when no one knew who was the heavyweight champion of the World War here in America in boxing is not like our top sport here. So it was a lot of pressure to be put on me to just try to bring this back and always a noun and always try to be a man of my word. You know, whatever I do know for being the minimum word not. And I told people I was gonna come and give a knockout. And I tried to think my emotions got the best of me in the ring allowed me to overthrow my punches and different things like that. Well, tyson. Fury's also. Dude. I mean, let's not kid ourselves. Don't you fought me? You know end table you following a real guy? I gotta ask this question. Because this is one of the things you're a big, dude. Right. When you walk into that ring, I told you this joy, I've been a UFC fights I used to live in Vegas. So I've been too big fights. I've been to Hagler Hearns. Leonard duran. I was in the fan man fight. I've been at Tyson fights. I'm never more nervous at a sporting event. I've been to Super Bowls everything when I go to a heavyweight fight and the guys walk in. I feel sick to my stomach now. Seriously. I I don't get nervous for final fours. I don't get nervous for World Series. I want to throw up. I'm like I could. Oh my God. How are you? Aren't you? A little nervous going into a fight little to be honest. Are you know? I mean, I love this. I love to do it. You know, I can just only speak for myself. I've been doing I've been doing this for a very low Tom over ten years. Now, I've never even as a child. I never shied away from flights. You know? So although this is this is boxing street fighting is totally different for boxing streetfight all the time. You know, it seemed like every time I walked out of the house. Our was our in a great fight. I never liked fighting though. I I never look for trouble. But trouble always picking on you. I wasn't always taught. Oh. Okay. You say you walk out of the house. I don't think I'd pick on you. And I never liked fine. I remember one time I. I was just at the park just swinging all by myself, and I had this this guy come just pick with me out of nowhere. You know? And I know hurting them real bad. You know, and I remember going home crying tokens a guy like Lord. I don't wanna fight. I know what I wanna do in life. And this is not going to get me there because I know when you get in trouble. Then when you have what will you own a path the devil comes in and try to you and try to knock you off the game. Now, you do something stupid because you you you reacting awful. Exactly. And then things happening in. That's it. You know? Always you. I'll come from my father. He's a passing my grandma was a as well till you had a lot of religion a lot of conviction in your family church in your family when you when you decided to be a boxer data. Okay. Mom. Okay. Okay. He he never told me. But he's telling my mom that I don't need to be doing. But he always say what I don't need to be doing. If I listened to him. Oh, lord. Oh, lord. Do you have a favorite boxer when you're a kid? Mom lollies. My oh, I loved Ali Frazier. I liked Dolly. I've got a lot of favorite ones. I like. But Mohammed Ali is is definitely my I to me Ali was an athlete who fought he wasn't a fighter. He was an athlete. Who guys underrated to me? Event Lennox Lewis Lennox. Yes. Most definitely by the way, I covered Tyson. And I would never say this to Mike space. I thought he was a little overrated. He didn't jab last six years. He didn't have any more. And everytime everytime. He he fought the bigger competition. He lost the way every time. He fought a tall long guy. Mitch blood green game trouble Trevor Berbick Lennox Lennox anytime, he fought a tall guy that could keep Mike at bay. I also think Mike got so big. And so rich, he just didn't work Buster Douglas gave in trouble. I think I think Mike was was custom Otto early in his career was a passionate driven at fighter then he got rich, and like all of us should give us a little money. We get a little Cray, and we go a little sideways, you get a little lazy as well. To. When's the last time somebody really popped you fury to Tyson Saturday? You know? So you, you know, but it wasn't effective. He only. I was asked does he have power? He doesn't have power power. But he has big manpower for his weight. You know, I came in two nine officially a defy. I was I was so surprised that my way even dropped more at the waves. So you fighting a two oh six basically, and he was at two fifty five to seventy to sixty. Wow, that's Alba's. Like, you know, so no more closer. They come into commissioners coming in like, yeah, we need to do a away official weigh in on you. So, you know, I think I'm thinking I'm more weight than were when he did. So I get on the scale to to not. So now, I'm thinking to nine in my head, which I don't I don't really dwell on weight. Because like I said I read the beat apart looked apart. Right. I know I know what I'm capable of doing. I know I have the power to survive in his division. Was he the biggest guy you ever fought though, six nine is either between. He is the Lord. Lord. What's it? Look like a whole is this the big one coming up here. Just seeing if I you know, it was just a is a great fire overall. Oh. You know, we sacrifice our life in there. And. That's what we do. You know, when I'm sat out to done Stevenson. You know, he's still in critical condition right now. And our prayers has definitely with him. And people don't understand the effect that it takes up on our body. Our families we risk our lives in ring in his nothing to play with you know, any any sat any given time. You know, something can happen. It can be the last time we step in that ring. Congratulations. We gotta go Deontay wilder. The bronze bomber congrats again loved having you on the show, and we'll see you tomorrow blesses Ben maller here. Even if you're a big time basketball fan, there might be a few facts about the game. You don't know. Like, did you know that the first hoops were actually peach baskets or that a warm basketball is bouncier than a cold one or the players can run as much as four miles during a game. Here's another fact, you might not know, that's actually, really helpful. If.

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