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Haaland. That's a problem. Liverpool has not been good defensively. The whole season is not a thing, it's not a story of one game or one weekend or buying one bad week. It's been the whole season and now magically is gonna appear. That's the part that I doubt very highly. DACA, there was a time when you would have said Erling Haaland, Virgil Van Dyke, what a matchup. It almost feels like a mismatch now, doesn't it? It does. Partly because of how good Holland has been, which I think you kind of felt was going to be the case once you put them into a team like Manchester City, one of the things I don't think anybody anticipated is this drop off that we've witnessed from village of Van Dyck. The season and I know it's been a long time coming. You saw she's a velocity, but you expected him to be back to his best. Do you expect it after a full break, a full preseason you thought he'd be leading a Liverpool defensively as he was dead. And it's been anything, but and that has been the hugest of concerns for you and Klopp. And Liverpool. I know the question again becomes, how do you stop this city? With Virgil van DIJK having the one on one struggles or one on one battle and struggles that he has, with the questions around Liverpool's midfield, do you play Henderson off our beanie or Thiago or all three? Up against the city midfield. And somehow it's easy to say starve hollander of service, but you look at Manchester's midfield, you look at Liverpool's midfield and you can club has his work cut out for him. A lot of big decisions for Jurgen klop another one is up top, but we saw Darwin Nunez, you start the season, but then we saw mid week, Champions League. Most Allah playing through the middle gets a hat trick. You go with the hot hand?

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