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To help you you're listening The retirement pile, for so many Americans it's not good. Enough for so many there's gotta be a change there obviously, you're seeing, something on that as well we want. To encourage more savings in this will help more Americans have control. Of their money not Washington last topic impeachment proceedings maybe they dropped today in the house if so they're gonna have. To act fast you support with some members of the conservative wing of the Republican in the house are doing if you look. At what Mark meadows Jim Jordan endeavour Nunez have been doing they've been fighting to get more. Information from the Justice department and frankly it's mind boggling. That Justice won't comply they oughta wanna work with us to root out the bad apples and if putting impeachment on the table is one more tool gets them to finally comply with the. Subpoenas from congress we need to make sure that they do their job and they. Comply and they showed the American people exactly what's going on people want to. Know what is going on to root out the bad apples at. The FBI What are they doing, the whole people accountable for what happened in this investigation. That we've exposed let's get that information all they need to do is, turn over the documents and everything will be Foucault this. Came up for a vote you support them you vote yes I would too because right now Rosenstein has not? Done his job in. Complying with congress but we're saying is here's a tool that congress still has go. Do your job and comply so. We don't have, to get? To, this it's all, up to him Well this is the pushback from the house and as congressman Scalise says it is up to him it's up to the Justice. Department to be cooperative, into understand that there under the purview of congress it is their responsibility, by we the people to make sure that. There's oversight over the FBI Spend.

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