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And the role that it would be at texas and michigan so there's opportunity for somebody who's twenty five points back there's opportunity bells the only guy i look at that list. Feel good about with the wroval sitting there. I yeah i twenty five. We'll because of the road. Like jeff says i mean. He has been so strong on road courses this year. I think he can win. The rest of that list. Like harvick is not great on super speedways. He's not really been great on road courses lately byron and bowman. I mean maybe they can do well. But like i feel like. They're right back where they started after race. One round one. At and las vegas was exhibited of why. I don't make predictions. Because i went into this race thinking yeah well five hundred horsepower. Packages hendrix bread butter. I thought they would come out of here with all four of their guys very much alive and with the possibility of eight. Now i feel like we're right back where we were in round one where i don't know if hendrix going to get two drivers out of the second round you could argue. Maybe they should have had everybody in had they made the right pit calls on sunday. So let's talk about that. Nate hindred finds himself in the same exact spot. They found themselves in around sixteen. Have they been good enough at the superspeedway races to get themselves on the right side of the cut. Line going into the mobile. I think that chase elliott has marty but again like i look at the other drivers there and no one stands out as being like a great. I mean william byron's one at daytona but kyle larson has been decent but like he doesn't strike me as you know an all star superspeedway racer. I just i look at that. The two tracks left. And i look at what hendrix. I also look at what jobs racing did on a five track. Jeff at las vegas and i kind of wonder if maybe they were saving a little bit for for vegas. That might might suit them well around three well so the concern me about vegas was larsen. Early had a lot of speed later did and even though he got behind would certainly hurt him. He didn't wasn't able to just blast up through the field. Like we've seen in the past. There's only one race. They're they're moving their next on the playoffs. Not a concern outs. Bowman did not have the speed that he need but the other two did. William buyer was fast enough. William arthur won that race and william barn had enough speed to win that race and chase elliott had enough speed. So i think there's i think there's reasonably optimistic but the bottom line.

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