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Eyes. His voice was whisper. Now, it's. Here with me. The next day. It took some time before the guards realized that Jim was con-. They had heard him screaming last night, but many prisoners in the whole screamed when the screaming finally stopped they figured Jim had fallen asleep. In fact, it wasn't until lunch that anyone realized he was missing. And they went looking for him. They found Jim pale and cold on the floor. His face contorted terror around his neck was a string of livid fingerprints. By the nineteen forties. Alcatraz had an interesting reputation over the years guards and prisoners alike, occasionally claim to see prisoners usually an old fashioned military uniforms, walking the prison, and then simply that. Deep lock especially was known for having a ghost dressed in old fashioned clothes from the eighteen hundreds sometimes guard saw him passing near the whole. They frequently joked about the spectral prisoner. So when a convict confined to sell de fourteen started to scream about a man with glowing red eyes being the salve with him. The guards didn't take it seriously oddly, the guards on duty the night that prisoner died swore that the next morning the newly deceased inmate lined up as usual for the morning roll call, but then later disappeared. Visitors to sell fourteen say that it's extremely cold even colder than the rest of the whole many report hearing ghostly whispers and feeling very uncomfortable in default team one goes to hunter claims they even felt cold fingers on their neck went in this cell. Alcatraz closed in nineteen sixty three mainly because the prison had become too expensive Theron in nineteen seventy-two Alcatraz became part of the National Park Service it open to the public as a museum in nineteen seventy three and has been a popular destination ever since the legends of paranormal activity at Alcatraz have only continued to grow. Phantom, Ken and gunfire. Banging within the walls doors closing on their own spectral old fashioned soldiers and intense oppressive atmosphere and some guests have snapped inexplicable photos with ghostly figures in the background Alcatraz is popular with ghost, hunters and psychics some suggests that Alcatraz isn't necessarily full of ghosts. It's the setting of many residual haunting 's when strong emotional or physical trauma happens space. It leaves an impression or recording of the event rather than a ghost with agency haunting a place some facet of the original event is super naturally repeating itself. The next time. You're in San Francisco, be sure to visit Alcatraz we suggest wearing sunscreen and taking jacket the sunlight reflects off the water and the wind blowing through the bay can be chilly. Even in the summer. Listen to the tour guide step into jail cell and see just how small prisoners world was contemplate how the lack of freedom and stimulation could wear a man day after day gaze across the water to San Francisco and experience just how maddeningly close and simultaneously. How far away the mainland is take a minute to count your blessings and have a moment of silence for the poor souls who died here on Alcatraz island. Thanks again for tuning into haunted places. We'll be back next Thursday with a new episode. You can find more episodes of haunted places as well. As all of park casts. Other podcasts on apple podcasts. Spotify Stitcher, Google play or your favorite podcast directory. Several of you of asked how to help us if you enjoy the show the best way to help us is to leave a five star review. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at park cast and Twitter at par cast network. We'll see next week. Haunted. Places was created by max Cutler, it's a production of color media, and is part of the park cast network. It's produced by max and Ron Cutler sound designed by Kenny Hobbs with production assistance by Ron Shapiro. Paul Moller Maggie admire and Carly Matt haunted places as written by Candice Rogers. I'm Greg Poulsen.

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