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Ben Mallory as the tide turns up the scoreboard Welcome in the beginning of the Ben Mallory Show. We are in the air everywhere is we sermonize Coast to Coast Porter, the mortar and beyond the vast and powerful microphone. Ones of Fox Sports Radio emanating live inside the magic radio box. Hope all is well, We're going to go to a place we don't normally go. Our lead This hour comes from college football. We don't talk much college football in this shows, mostly an NFL show. During football season. I do watch college football, not as much as the NFL, but if you watch a couple college games, there's some gambling interest on that, and the national championship game was played on Monday night, a college football season that was hanging by a thread. I don't get all agree on that over the summer. We talked a lot about it during the early part of the pandemic, doing sports talk radio and speculating about if that sport is going to come back or this sport. What's going on? Happened now Alabama played Ohio State couple of heavyweights couple of blue bloods of college football in the national championship game they had about 14,000 socially distant fans in Miami. You know if you saw the game or not, if you watch that was Was engaged. I was sitting back enjoying the game and it was not much of a game. It was not that early on Ohio State was able to score some points, and they kept kept within striking distance. But as the game progressed It was blowout city, Alabama, winning their 18th national championship as a as a school as a franchise. They beat Ohio State and beat him. Bigly beat him. Bigly Nick Saban. He's been in Alabama while now that's a six title at Alabama, seventh overall, and the Heisman Trophy winner Devante Smith, who has NFL scouts drooling about his future success in their league. 12 catches 215 yards and not one, not two but three touchdowns and he left the game in the third quarter. The guy left the game in the third quarters. Devante Smith Because of a hand injury didn't even play the end of the game. It did not matter a domination situation so now and I've been doing this a while in sports radio and any time a team wins and as a dominant season, Alabama obviously did all that perfect season and they crown themselves the national champion. So all of this Hyperbole comes up. And there's a lot of it. Mac Jones, keeping up with the Joneses, the quarterback more on him in a minute, Mac Jones says Alabama the best team to ever play. After they won the championship. Even Nick Sabe Entered into the conversation. He was into the chat Nick Saban called Alabama this Alabama team, the ultimate team. As they win the college football championship, and there's others as well. But we're gonna focus on those two. So we asked the question was this Alabama team of 2020 into 2021, the greatest of them all? What were they the greatest of them all? And I'm gonna go thumbs down, not thumbs up. I'm going thumbs down on this just to prove I'm not making it up. Listen, the Knicks saving here waxing poetic about his Alabama team. Well, to me, this is the ultimate.

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