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Yes it's delicious i promise you. Will you put what else you put on there like. Mayo now jake. That's you know maybe a little muster. But i'm telling you i promise you got a little house. Things changed for you since being vegan. Because i find that being vegan does like clear your mind more and make you feel like just more energetic. So how has it been for you i. It's been a dream of mine. I don't know if y'all know and in the news like years ago was like lack lady. She was eight years old. She live in miami and but she looked like thirty five because she was a rob. She grow all of her fruits and vegetables. Everything she ate she grew herself and she would drink her water. Her rainwater she would clean it and distill laden and she would drink that and she looked incredible. I remember watching now when i was younger and be like. That's the goal. I was like by the time fifty. I want to be fully vegan. I want to have a garden. I wanna walk around butt booty naked in my garden every single day and pick my breakfast so this has been a long time in the making. I realize it's not for everybody. You know what i'm saying. But now that i'm finally here. It feels amazing. Like i feel lighter like your veins. Your veins are just a little lighter after eating. What the substitute of something that would be neat. It's like. I don't even feel as heavy as i would've if i've eaten meat version. You know what i'm saying. People are going to say next. He was going to say. Oh little is eating better. Because he doesn't want to be a big girl anymore. That's the thing that really bothers me. Is people think that. I don't really like myself. 'cause that's what that's rooted in. Its rudin phobia. That even though that i'm this body positive person and you know i'm promoting self. Love that deep down. I don't actually like myself. So i'm going to change myself. And that's the part that here's my feelings because i really genuinely do love my body. I love myself and trust me. I've been working out eating clean four years now and i'm still fat. I'm healthy but i'm fat. I wanted to change that. I have access key so much. I could go and get work done. I could do this and do that. But i like myself. I'm not going to change myself and people who do change themselves cool. They changed themselves because they want to. And this is what i wanna do. But i'm a huge fan. I wanna to say that just from the very beginning. So i'm really happy for you and i'm excited for some new music so this album is coming west to deal with that album. Artis you know. Put our bodies of work put out by riady audience i got i got music coming soon. I don't have the story yet. I don't have the songs exactly but it's coming together in so you're going to hear. Listen i'm here i'm back. You can't get rid of me. That's right and we can't wait to talk to you the drops so you can be in studio and have a longer conversation and i can't wait for cardi to respond to this interview because i want to know if she was serious and that is the breakfast club. Listen all the guys act. The rumor report the rumor. Report the breakfast club all right. Let's talk new music. Fridays right first and foremost new movie. So i say no more music friday new music fridays. Now let's start with the homie fat joe now and something. I didn't see come in fat. Joe did a gangsta grill state. What would big do twenty twenty one this is with. Dj drama shot the dj drop. Been running into travel to a place. What would you what would do. Oh okay let's play baby daddy dispatch. You'll record before. I heard that wanted to. They could have picked any other record on but they picked something. I think we heard before. You're like this one. Well i'll tell you one thing though. I love when the orgies who don't have anything to prove you know. Just put out music for the sport of it. I haven't heard yet. But i can't wait to listen all right now Y n w meli. He just dropped. A new album is.

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