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Support for this mpr podcast and the following message come from paramount pictures and participant media with an inconvenient sequel truth to power a follow up to win inconvenient truth about al gore's global efforts for renewable energy revolution nationwide august fourth live from npr news in washington on korver coleman special counsel robert muller is using a grand jury to investigate russian meddling in last year's presidential election is also looking into possible ties between russia and the trump campaign the grand jury recently began work and empires jeff bennett says there are signs the russia probe is advancing the president's special counsel ty cobb says he wasn't aware that robert muller had started using a new grand jury in a statement provided by the white house cop says quote grand jury matters are typically secret the white house favours anything that accelerates the conclusion of his work fairly cobb ads the white house is committed to fully cooperating with mr moeller npr's jeff bennett reporting president trump told a rally in west virginia on thursday that the russia's story is a hoax created by democrats us intelligence agencies have concluded that russia did meddle in us elections washington has cleared the way for possible approval of new pipelines and other potentially controversial energy projects that have been on hold the senate has confirmed two of president trump's nominees for the federal energy regulatory commission npr's jeff brady reports the agency now has a quorum again and can vote to approve projects for six months the federal energy regulatory commission or ferc lacked enough commissioners to make decisions that please some environmentalists who claimed the agency never saw pipeline it didn't like they went for to reject more fossilfuel infrastructure projects because of environmental and climate change concerns the oil and gas industry though is quite pleased the commission is once again in business the newest commissioners are both republicans neil chatterjee an aide to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and robert powell sin of the pennsylvania public utility commission trump also nominated to democrats to the bipartisan ferc the senate is scheduled to consider their nominations next month.

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