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John corby with the big powell wayne version of the sure happy it's tuesday radio program get suspension news on in the national football league baker mayfield the thinks is oklahoma sooner should be ranked ahead of a wild stayed in uh in ever know they may tonight and we will get into that uh rob all or wrote an interesting column today and the dispatch about what he thinks the committee may do and what he would do in in both cases he has ohio stayed outside the top four but uh you know it's early ah so i will begin to all that plus uh the the whole halloween costume thing of universities is totally out of control but will start with the uh it appears the final roadblock to a full season worth of music you'll ellie it won't be cleared after all with the gal boys star running back in attendance u s district judge katherine polk via of the second district of new york denied in an injunction request which would have paved the way for elliot to play for the remainder of the twenty seven season is a sixgame suspension begins immediately and an appeal to the us second circuit court of appeals is expected by elliott in the nfl players association the judges delayed the decision 24 hours allowing that appeal to be filed so he's not out until old 24 hours from right now uh depending on what the appeal does elliott along with the nfl pierre has been involved in a legal tug of war of course with the nfl for the last two months things started before the nfl even ruled on an appeal of the sixgame ban enforced after a yearlong investigation into allegations of domestic violence the nfl pa filed a motion in taxes to try and keep things out a new york were eventually successful judge their ruled though there was a fundamental unfairness to the appeal process is violating the cba nfl of course challenged that ruling saying elliott in the nfl pa acted prematurely in filing before the arbitrator ruled bay one that case in the fifth circuit court of appeal surge is been going back and forth back and forth back worth and basically the nfl investigated him for a year and bullied the girlfriend even though no charge jews were filed against selling it and the nfl commissioner banned elliott for six games despite the fact he was never arrested or charged against.

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