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One other note from this game, Josh Rosen might be the next rookie quarterback to get a start soon. Sam, Bradford looks he. He looked bad as you can look and NFL game yesterday and their their season since we get away from all ready. So my guess is this week we'll talk about Josh Rosen starting soon stressed about last year's bone. Same night taking south, hey, let's talk chief since Steelers. Kansas City was looking for the first one in Pittsburgh in thirty years. Patrick Mahomes was going to need to play a near perfect game in order for that to happen. And he did six touchdown passes. He's now got ten in two games that's an NFL record as the chiefs beat. The Steelers on the road Mahomes throwing more touchdown passes than incompletions yesterday, not bad for a quarterback in his. Third NFL start here is after the game, you never expected to have ten touchdowns at this point in the season, but I knew what this offense and the weapons that we had in the scheme coach ridge drawing up that we had a chance to be really, really good and that the possibilities are. I mean, they're endless. I mean, we could really come out every single we can do then score points. It's all about me getting the ball into those playmakers hands and you saw today, they're breaking tackles and scoring points. Cici talked me a little about Patrick Mahomes how much of it was the adrenaline and being there and playing the Steelers and how much of it was, hey, he's a really good guy who's gonna make some stakes just hasn't made that many in the first two week skew. It has nothing to do with the German. It's all skill. Randy read has put him in position even from a confidence standpoint because it's one thing to say guy has a big arm, but then how do I call the game? Got sixty plays sixty. Five plays. Do I doubt forty runs because that's what he said about McNab earliest McNabb is talented, probably one of the most talented throws of ever had. But earlier in the game plans, they ran the ball forty times only letting throw a little bit based on how he's called and lets me know what confidence Andy Reid has them everyone. These highlight I can tell you a textbook reason why right here to hunt. It was a hot read, so he throws it over linebacker. Gives him the one on one right here. Yes. The white sea outside leverage on the db. He's gotta throw it. Hi, right here has got the. Linebacker, breathe thought his back shoulder every throw. The key was make. He was textbook. Where do you want the football, Kelsey, going down the same guy here linebacker coming your thought back here in the middle of field. We hits Kelsey, low, going into Enzo all these things. No, that's not a German. No, that's not. You can see when he sees a guy open or he feels a guy's going to be open. He lets the ball go. So he has a great deal of confidence. I believe I told Nick this. He'll never play with type of personnel that he's playing with now and Andy Reid. I think this is the most talented team that he put even when they had McNabb and t, oh, they didn't have four or five other guys with the type of speed. This is a four by one track team, though everybody on the team. If you look at sparked scores at the combine that basically just pure athleticism. That's who the chiefs draft him for five years. Chris Conley, their number three receiver go look at his vertical leap. Go look at his sparks core yesterday. Pittsburgh tried to. We're not going to punt tyreek hill where frayed of his speed Danta Thomas is the upback of a track star at Oregon? Yeah, art is..

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