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Transit cop When you said Eric. He dropped out and I was hoping I thought maybe were dropped out of the race the guy with with transit before it emerged as a cop. He was a zero We worked the Gold Street. 3 70 J Street. I mean, the only patrol that he ever did when he made supervisor Sergeant Lieutenant and you know he was he was against stop and frisk. I don't care what he's saying now a different name of it and everything. Those first three commercials right racism in the police department. Yeah, Well, maybe saying all the right things, but everybody in the police department ever knew him as he says. He's the worst guy they've ever known. So, uh, you got that problem? Maya Wiley. Total whack job. Scott Stringer. Useless. So who do you have? Who would you vote for? No, I don't know, but I just have my dislike for Eric Adams, you know? Well, I know, but you gotta pick somebody who I'm in Franklin Square. I can't vote. But you know, I'm just hoping that Curtis maybe we'll get some traction. Honourable shots. All right. Thanks for calling. Yeah, That's the thing. Everybody looks at Yang as the, uh, lesser of all these evils. Maybe, you know, But every every candidate is like a maybe. You know what, Yang? He looks like a nice guy. Looks like a smart guy. Maybe you'll do the right stuff. Who knows? Curtis would be great. Nobody better on crime and cleaning up the streets. Uh, it's a little tough for a Republican. But remember in the last seven mayoral race is a Republican 15 times. So there is hope. Now the problem with again, Curtis will out debate anybody. He's obviously a much better, much more experienced debater than anybody else in the race on those final debates easily cannot debate the Democratic candidate. Whoever it is There's a lot of powerful Democratic forces Schumer, people like that. Who they hate courtesy has been tough on them. And rightfully so. But they'll they'll all be trying to stop it. But who knows? So I guess you got to hope for Curtis. Uh, Well, we'll see that the big debate is tomorrow night. Although Adams has dropped out as a shock to everybody, it's just the front runners. There's no McGuire No, uh, Sean Donna, but none of these, uh Bottom of the pack people, so it's just going to be the top people. Uh, Adams has dropped out, but it'll be Yang Stringer. Garcia and the whack job, Maya Wiley, But you need her. You need her just to just to make it more colorful. She's with her yelling and screaming. Anyway, Let's go to a curt in Long Island. Hey, Kurt. Hey, Good morning marks. I should taking the call. Beautiful day out here. Uh, I was just curious on what happens all the accusers for government formal. And, uh, they just disappeared. And you mentioned earlier about the assemblyman Sheldon Silver? Yeah. There you go. Anybody in the assembly? Forget about it anyway, Thanks for calling that people keep saying this. Well, what happened to the Cuomo investigation? Well, it's all went. Quite a lot of people like to think. Well, that means it's over. He got away with it. No, it means it's ongoing. And it's a big investigation started with three women and then six women, and I've heard the number 30 that they've been talking to taking testimony from and then all sorts of witnesses. They did say. Attorney general. They did say September is what they were looking at. They would take the whole summer to wrap it up. Now the attorney general's office will come out. With either charges. Or the least damage that will be done to him is they'll just do nothing and put out a report But the report I guarantee you will be absolutely devastating. So even if they take no legal action It'll be a devastating report, which will pressure the Legislature to start the impeachment proceeding. Now, aside from all of that, you got the U. S attorney's office. Eastern district investigating that's criminal. Those are criminal charges, and that's been a couple of months now. You could say it's a couple of months. Nothing's going to happen. The fact that it's a couple of months means it's serious stuff. If it was nothing, they would have seen that within two or three months and dropped it. But it's still going and it's expanding. And they're calling in more and more witnesses, which means they've got something one thing about these U. S attorney offices, you know that. If they see they've got nothing, they drop it. If they know they've got something they keep going there. They're very concerned about their batting average in the end. If they keep a case going and bring it, it means they know they can win. They don't like losses on the record, so Cuomo has got a lot of problems. Hey, now cancel. Culture has been going crazy and there's some people should not be cancelled should be and we'll get to this in a moment, and Ann Coulter will be with us next. On 7 10. W O R. Let's get the latest news. Here's Joe Bartlett already Mark Mayor de Blasio says there's justice now in the shooting death of 10 year old Justin Wallace. He says the arrest of joven Young for the shooting proves that the NYPD will find you if you do something wrong. Charges now being found connection with that fight that alleged the accidental shooting death of a retired NYPD officer Thomas Marinin. Michael Soto's charged with manslaughter two for allegedly harassing an elderly man that caused Marinin to intervene. Eric Adams, skipping tomorrow night's Democratic debate in the race for mayor. He's going to attend a vigil for Justin Wallace critics accusing of trying to protect his lead and duck tough questions. President Biden heading to the UK today to begin his first overseas trip as president trying to shore up US alliances, but officials say not to expect any major announcement. Next update at noon breaking news at one start your day with Len Burman and Michael Riedel.

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