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This is holy smokes. Everyone can do this and it's less suffering. And even if you do it for two minutes before bed, it calms your nervous system. It makes you stronger. Okay, you could go, Duncan and ice bath. I do that. In fact, I have it in my backyard. You go to upgrade labs, or opening one in us, and I'll be there doing cryotherapy with cold air 'cause it's faster and less work. But if you have no tools other than a bowl, you can do cold therapy, and it'll change your ability to be happy all the time, and it makes your body turn on more brown fat, which has more mitochondria, which means you hold a bigger electrical charge. And that brown fat is up in your head and neck so that makes sense. So, okay, so here's a question just because of the hair situation. So how much of your base like could you do it just to your hairline? It's a neat technology. I'm going to show it to you right here. It's called a ponytail holder. And you take one of these. So that's the question you could just go to your hairline. Yeah, just go to your hairline. This is a big important thing for all of us women. Pull your hair back, just like I'm doing right now. I don't exactly have here as long as yours, but give me time. I'm kidding. And yeah, just up to her line. So you don't have to get your hair wet. This is a big thing. That's amazing. That is an amazing thing. And if you're at a hotel and they have a nice machine, you can get one or two things of ice, put them in the sink and do this. And you don't have to try and deal with ferrying back and forth, filling a duffle bag at the ice machine. I've done all these things in the course of learning how to do cold therapy. I've been doing it for 15 years actually and talking about in the blog for ten. I find if you want to show up in the world, you want to look better, burn more calories. You want to feel better. This is a meaningful way to do it. That is very exciting. We rented this Airbnb a couple years ago and we did a retreat there. And one of the things they said, we had this huge master bathroom right off the pool, that it a massive tub. And they go, yeah, you have unlimited ice. Now we had 80 people there. And they're like, oh, you've unlimited ice. I'm like, great. Well, you know what we did. We turned it into a massive ice bath that we were there four days by day three, they're like, there's no more unlimited ice. You are cut off by like. Vincent pedre won the award for the longest time in the ice bath. It was between him and Tom moorcroft. Pretty amazing. All right, let's move since we're from cold to hot. And what I'd also love to explore there is kind of moving between both of those and if there's any value there, but infrared saunas, heat. What about that? When you do heat and cold, you want to do heat first. And saunas have abundant evidence, whether they're steam or dry or infrared. For improving your lifespan. And infrared is the best from my perspective because it creates a lot more detoxing in your sweat and it changes the water in your cells so that they work better. I use a sunlight and sauna, I don't know, do you have a brand that you prefer? I use sunlight, what setting are you using on it? Are you doing one of the programs? What are you doing? So I'm a professional bio actor, JJ. You don't use your own program. I turn it all the way up on all frequencies, and I pin it, and it takes me 20 minutes to sweat. I have a level of resilience. It doesn't even make sense. So you put it all frequencies and then highest temperature all frequencies. Highest temperature all frequencies is what I do, but if I'm stressed, they have a stress relief one. I like that. What they're doing, you can't see it, but they're changing the frequency of the light to cause additional changes in your nervous system. And that's a real effect. So if I'm looking just for the sweating effect and I'm looking for the exercise mimicking effects of it. And for detoxing, I typically turn it all the way up. But if I'm looking for a specific effect, I'll run the program for that. Okay. I've been running the program that's longest because it's where we let ourselves watch Netflix. That's how I've been choosing my program. Okay, that makes sense. Yeah, it depends on what episode of what you're watching, right? I will tell you when you are not at the Mexico TLC trip darn it. Roxanne and David and David and Lee's perlmutter and we all went and did a sweat lodge together. Oh, those are so good. Oh my gosh. I didn't know I could sweat that much. You can sweat that much. The first time I did a sweat lodge was with Alberto viota. And I've done his shamanic training and said just a really fascinating guy. So when I did my first round of shamanic work with him, we did a traditional Native American sweat lodge. And I got in there and it was so hot and I was sweating like crazy that I looked at the guy next to me who was a medic and I said, you know, there's a really good chance that I'm going to pass out because I have low blood pressure. So if I do just know that that might happen and he goes, what do you want me to do? I go drag me outside. Keep me away from the rocks. He said, okay, I'll drag you outside if you pass out. And that was that. I didn't pass out, but I came close. So that was intense, but it does put you in an altered state. It's one of the many ways of accessing altered states. In fact, that's a big focus for the bio hacking conference in Orlando in June. It's biohacking conference dot com. We're going to talk about non ordinary states of consciousness as ways of accessing your meat operating system. The unseen hidden parts of your body, the way it looks at the world around you. Yeah, doing a really heavy duty sweat lodge type of heat therapy is a way to do that. And there are countless others. And I go through those in the last couple of chapters of the book because just sitting in a cave looking at the wall meditating for 20 years is the slow path. I'm too busy to do that. I have stuff that matters that I'm going to do with the timing instead. So you can meditate much faster than just meditating. Which is why I initially went to 40 years of zen. I'm like, I can get all this done in a week. Talk to me now about what's changed with 40 years of zen, which I'm interested now. It's like what would it be like now that I have the doctor Jo to spend a tools on board, you know? It's funny. A lot of people who've been through Joe's program in depth also going through 40 years and they're very different programs. What you'll find when you go to 40 years is in Seattle, it's a 5 day program, and since you've been JJ, we've got 7 patents on new neuroscience that we've invented. And when you go there, you learn the reset process, which is in the last couple of chapters of the book. And the reset process there is a way to, instead of doing what traditional meditation is, oh, I'm aware of my feelings. I see them I'm passing them through. I'm like, how about I do something about them? Because that feeling that keeps coming up, I keep getting triggered, maybe you could erase the thing that makes you get triggered. So that you remember whatever happened that was the cause of the trigger, but you're just not reactive to it anymore. That's like turning off a notification on your phone. So a big part of biohacking is, hey, how do I be less triggered? Because the reality is that if you are triggered, it means there are bullets in your gun. And you should unload them because you'll be happier. So is that process in your book something you could do without going to 40 years is that? Absolutely. I think it works better. I mean, you've been through the reset process at 40 years. With electrodes, you kind of have a lie detector and make sure you didn't do it, but I walk you through each step of it in the book so that you can go through and just go, oh, I'm not going to get triggered by that thing ever again because you really got it. So if you spend your meditating time doing that or one of the other dozen technologies in there that change the state of your brain very quickly compared to what we used to do. Well, it'll work better. So you can use pulse magnets, consumer grade devices that cost under a $1000. You can use electrical stimulation. You can use neurofeedback like we do at 40 years of zen, along with a bunch of other technologies. You can even use lasers on your brain to change what it does. I do all of those I've done all of those for 20 plus years. And I did my first EEG sessions in about 1997, 98. And it's just another thing. I could just sit there and go, I'm feeling something. I wonder what it is. It was gas. Or I could sit there and say, oh, if I make this sound get louder, I'm actually doing something. And it's something within tent. So instead of wandering around and being like, well, I feel something and eventually you realize it's an elephant after you grabbed all 25 parts of it and you do a picture of it, you could also have a computer hooked up your brain that says do more of this thing. I can't tell you the words for it, but the computer can with math and it's going to sound like a violin. And when you do that, all of a sudden, you can see the elephant and it was way less time. I want to go back now with

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