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Keep but mostly cloudy during the overnight hours and our overnight lows are gonna dropped down to the mid 40s there will be a few showers out there especially as we get closer to the morning commute but just be aware had nothing to heavy over the next 24 hours mostly cloudy on monday temperatures they're going to tough out in the upper 40s to lower 50s as noah was going too slowly come down during the day as well from about seventy five hundred feet in the morning to thirty five hundred feet by the nighttime hours so that's good news in the komo weather center i'm theron zahn komo news now back to jim has learned steeply tanko this he's the bar show on komo news and you're listening to the finale of the ball show at least in its current interational you probably won't hear my voice again unless you go to our website dental or all are up our all our old episodes i'm steve mott anco i'm the psychology guy and jim has learned the business guy in i think i think we probably been fairly clear at this point that the decision to not do the show in this situation is frankly largely coming from you more more than for me and other you did agree the idea it's time i did in a in a in other there's a sense after eight years you know that g sudden neither needs to change in the format or or or whatever saw hit you know that that that's there but it's a little bit interesting to me that we have this business guys psychology guy that kadhamy in our backgrounds in our personalities and i think that that's part of what showing up every interesting comment for a a joint a client of ours recently we were doing some work together uh as we often do and by the way we're a great team in the classroom as well on somebody came up and said um it when i'm but when i'm in the room with steve eight it's more of a it's more of an academic process aid seems like it comes from this well of understanding of human nature and and study and understanding with them psychology and he said uh when you're in the room it's a more visceral experience and.

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