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Is possible. This question comes in an email from Jason writes. Dear preet Kudos to the SDN y. a USA's agents in. USPS united. States postal inspection service inspectors for the recent indictment. In the We build the wall investigation. It seems highly unusual to me that our good friends at the FBI were excluded. Why Do you think FBI irs? That's irs criminal investigations didn't participate in this impact Financial Investigation Yours truly humble irs CIA agent. You know well, that's a good question that people been asking. Obviously I ran that Office for seven and a half years. So I can speculate and this is pure speculation because I have no knowledge at all and and as you know is a former agent with the IRS, the cases come about in various ways. Sometimes, a case comes across agents deaths. Because there's a whistle blower or there's an informant or complaint made or it's a off shoot of another case that the agent has been working on, and then that agent in whatever agency Da Secret Service FBI IRS, whatever can generally in their discretion bring the case to a particular US Attorney's office in New York they're multiple options right there there two. Years Attorneys offices in new. York City itself the only city in the country that has more than was turned his office. The entire state of Massachusetts only has one attorney's office New York State has four. So it's possible in this case that the matter came to the attention of the US Postal Inspection Service and they brought it to Stn wine which makes. Sense for a lot of reasons It's also possible as happens in SDN Y in particular that cases originate within the office not only are there are great and fabulous assistant attorneys both in the criminal and civil divisions there. But a sort of well kept secret STI has a whole group of investigators when I was there there were about nineteen of them. Some of them, former police, officers, some of them, former federal agents, and they work for SDN Y and have the ability to carry on investigations, and they are forced to be reckoned with some of our most significant political corruption investigations. For example, were largely driven by the SDN. Why investigators who were among the greatest people I've ever met I've written about several of them in my book doing justice, which you may recall if you've read it. So, one possibility is that the southern district was on its own conducting this mostly document driven bank material driven investigation with respect to Steve, Bannon, and the others in the We build the wall investigation, and at some point, it becomes necessary to involve another federal agency just for a lot of reasons relating to procedure in administration and logistics, and also to get their training and experience and bring them on board after you've advanced particular amount i. Don't know if that's true. But that's sometimes is the case that happened with some of our political corruption cases, and then there is speculation and again, I will not open one way or another on this. But I think it is possible that given the sensitive nature of the investigation given the degree to which STI might have been concerned about intrusion an interference at the highest levels of the Justice Department because Steve Bannon was a potential target. That when the SDN Y was choosing who to partner with they went with an agency that is great and respected in I've worked with them on a lot of cases when I was in the office as long prosecutor also. To bring, agency, that was not part of the Justice Department. So that the risk of being reported up in a way that might draw interference was lower. Some people have said that I don't know if that's true, I wish I knew I miss being there and knowing all the secrets I don't know in any event the partnership between SDN Y in the US postal inspection service goes back a long way.

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