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Will always love you was Dolly Parton song infections on top the country charts in nineteen seventy four way before Whitney Houston made the song worldwide in nineteen ninety two and was featured in a movie the bodyguard another very popular artist expressed interest in it wasn't Elvis and she almost let recording until all this is manager told her it was standard practice stand over half the publishing rights and pardon refuse thirty five traffic every ten minutes the five brought you by Bob Smith BMW here's Rick Smith in Highland Park on the one ten south eighth Avenue sixty CHP blocking all lanes are C. I. two car wreck there and you are going to be back up to about right well on that one ten south mid city a big trouble here for the westbound side of the ten past western five cars piled up three right lanes are affected so far the jam up starts at Normandy in Chatsworth one eighteen west have to paying a canyon that Iraq out of the way still seen some delays from before to paying a canyon think of what the four oh five south Lasionycta that's for CHP's running a traffic break there's a bunch of pot holes in the middle lane there Boyle heights ten once connected the five south now to disabled box truck that has a middling of that transition black you can be backed up from sodastream on that ten west lecture port at eleven forty five with more reports more often hi Rick Smith in the Toyota plant or a twenty four hour traffic center can extend seventy newsradio okay money continues sponsored by opus bank this Frank Bocek with me now Gabriel was the managing director of American money management he's been on this program for twenty plus years and it will have to say we never seen anything quite like this with extreme volatility the Dow surging for closing gated nearly two thousand points on Friday.

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