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Time's up on Lisa Brady Fox News that message from Chicago's mayor to the teachers union in a fight over reopening schools boxes Jeff but also has this line's Lisa's still no deal between the Chicago Teachers Union and the city over when teachers will return in person to classrooms, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, saying that her patients he's up and that schools are safe amenity is time to get back to class so that our students and families for whom remote learning Is not working have the real options that they deserve to get the education that they deserve to allow our parents to return to work. The Chicago Teachers union, saying that the city hasn't done enough to make sure that schools are safe. Though part of the union's line in the sand. Lisa also includes a demand for more money. Thanks, Jeff. President, Biden says now's the time to confront political extremism, white supremacy and domestic terrorism. This during the National Prayer breakfast this morning just witnessed images that we've never imagined. Images that now we'll never forget. Violent assault the U. S capitol on our assault on our democracy. He also talked about the importance of faith in Dark times, the new defense chief moving to address what he calls extremism in the ranks with a stand down order. Really One out of five of the U. S. Capitol writers were military veterans. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin wants to make sure something like that never happens again. So also ordered a military wide stand down sometime over the next 60 days. But Pentagon press Secretary John Kirby admits part of the problem is defining extremism. Last year, the FBI opened 143 investigations involving current and former U. S military members. Nearly half in both domestic extremism boxes. Lucas Tomlinson at the Pentagon, the White House just confirming President Biden has ordered a freeze on the withdrawal of US troops from Germany, which President Trump had ordered. The Pentagon will conduct a global review. America is listening to Fox News. This report is sponsored by unbound dot orig Staying Connected Continues with 1061 FM TALK President Biden's nominee for national EPA administrator is getting broad bipartisan support from members of the U. S. Senate Michael Regan, whose lead North Carolina's Department of environmental quality since 2017. Testified before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Wednesday. He told members if confirmed he would move quickly on climate change and other priorities of the president. Police in Durham say a body found Wednesday in the back of an abandoned Jeep compass was that of a missing man from South Carolina. The SUV was told yesterday from where it was found on East Club Boulevard, the tow company discovering the body once they had the vehicle back at their lot. The reward is increasing Gibson Ville police now offering a $2000 reward for information that leads to the arrest in connection to several incidents involving explosions or explosive devices. Several homemade bombs have been left around the woods Street area since last fall. Ah, ban on hotel construction in Asheville is about to end Richard Stelling reports the city plans to lift the year and a half long moratorium at the end of this month with a few changes in place. The Planning and zoning Commission revealed last night that new hotels must start meeting public benefit requirements. Such as paying a living wage and utilizing green elements. The National Mall and River Ridge shopping Center will also be removed from the hotel overlay district. I'm Richard Stelling Sports Kane's goaltender Peter More. Isaac is out indefinitely after having surgery on his thumb, head coach Rod Brenda Moore said. It's a big blow to the team is this could be a long term injury. The Hurricanes returned tonight in Chicago for Game two against the Blackhawks. College ball. Last night, NC State felt Virginia 64 57. Now there's plenty to look forward to this weekend. NC State takes on Boston College Saturday. Also you get the Battle of the Blues You and C versus Duke Saturday with continuing news updates from around.

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