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I am in Charlotte North Carolina. It'd be an I.. Headquarters go a few times a year so on their this week on my podcast. Today I have someone who's back for his third visit to be a guest on a podcast and his name is Mark Applebaum Mark. <hes> is has been a member for fourteen years. He's has been denied director for four mark. Mark is married to his wife Tiffany of eighteen years. He has two children Ryan and Jenna and mark's passion when it comes to be an is teaching members how to give visitors a wow experience. I think that's a great thing to teach. <hes> mark is the marketing director for Hepworth and Associates Law Firm Mark. Welcome back to be night podcast. Thank you so much for having so we're talking today about your giving a referral real now. What and I think there are two different topics related to this that you want to cover one is how do you build credibility as the giver and how do you build credibility also as the receiver during the referral process so let's start with the first one? How do you build credibility as well? You know when we'll members joined they joined builder business but once they joined the number one thing that they have to build his credibility and so obviously this podcast is all about building credibility. We're GONNA start with being the giver and doing that referral to the receiver in what they need to do so the first thing that the that they need to do this. Obviously I make sure that that referral is a qualified referral but just a name on a slip of paper. A name on a slip of paper is what we call a lead and I jokingly share with my chapters on from New York your you could say any four letter words me and it doesn't offend me but in B._N._i.. Elite is bad four letter word now obviously if the member if the member Nick Group is asking for names or obviously uh sometimes titled Companies Will Ask for sale by owner science. Just take a picture of the South by owner side but you WanNa make sure that the referral you're giving the person who's main is on that referral slip is expecting the call so that when they're receiver calls owes them. They know that they're getting that call and were next mark. You mentioned an exception which I think is really important to understand and that is that if the person receiving the referral says I'll accept something less a referral is the opportunity to do business with someone in the market the by your product or service but if someone says I'll take a I'll take it as a bonafide referral if you see a for sale by owner sign and you send that to me and that's not really a normal referral but if the individual will accept accepted that way that's fine. The key here is what does the person get into referral want not what you want so if you will accept that it that's great but if if you haven't made it official that you will accept sceptres referral them if I gave that to you just be a lead. Is that make sense yeah all right so what else about credibility for the for the giver the next thing we've all heard the phrase the fortune his in the follow. This works both ways from the giver to the receiver and the receiver to the giver but in the Giver to the receiver what would really impress the receiver is if I give her eye. Let's say I've given you a referral and I follow up apologize later with letter to Hey. How's it going to reach out to them <hes> and if you have an an it's not going well or if you need me to reach out to them <hes> again for you? What can I do to make this process smoother free doing that for the receiver? Fever is huge. It really builds a lot more credit going to make sure your goals to help ever super builder and if you do more steps for them to strengthen referral and make it happen it really helps close the deal and that's for the receiver show for the giver to do for the receiver to follow up if <hes> withers say. How's that referral going? Is there anything like you do with that referral Artie. Make sure that you you who has a sieber close at the got it well. That's that's good in that. Certainly it's sort of advanced networking. Most people don't do that but I think it's a something that would add a lot of value to the referral process. I agree agree now will next thing would be from the receiver standpoint how to build.

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