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Chicago. The first one was a year ago so <hes> yeah it'd be interesting to see you know. Obviously i have a lot of momentum with with the with the the buzz and and the the shows they've been doing so he you know it'd be interesting and i think that they'll they'll. We'll keep moving so you know it's it's a good weekend for wrestling pants. You know they have the the new japan pro wrestling royal quest obviously an exceed <hes> takeover u._k. There's going to be huge in cardiff great card there and <hes> we'll talk to to jeremy borsch about that too about some of the <hes> the work he's done as far as princeton packages together which he's really talented as well so what else birdman what will what else. I don't know i was looking at this p._w._a. Five hundred rankings rankings. I pulled them up here my secret p._w._a. Five hundred tablet that's strictly p._b._a. Five hundred rankings industry. I five hundred t t stands for tablet. I don't know i was looking at the list here. That's pretty impressive. They're always objective right. I mean seth rollins a number one thing that i think that's pretty good 'cause it's. I'd say that's a <hes>. I'd say that's warranted. Yes yes so the straw up ten here so three dana brian ages thousand kofi kingston okada johnny gargano. They're gonna rolling rains. Kenny omega and takahashi and we'll osprey that are your top ten will good for willie. They're good pass. I might put kofi a little higher. I'd say even though he's been hurt for a little bit of. I think trump. Should you know yeah for sure but subjective. It's all ginned. Seth rollins also congratulate him on his engagement tequila yeah so they're they're going to tie the ought engaged. I still james for their for their <hes>. Their relationship being exposed things probably both our fault actually but there you go. Do you think the you'll get an invite. <hes> probably yeah so hey king of the ring are my favorite got eliminated drew mcintyre macintyre surprised by it very surprised and not to say anything against ricochet because he's a freak. I love them right. I just feel like like that's not a first round match. I also am very surprised because it feels like that could have been something to really kickstart. Drew and ricochets shays already rolling pretty good. You know yeah i was surprised as well and i thought like we talked about previously in you week or two ago.

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