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He's you know, we'll get your reaction to that. And the day's big stories were live tomorrow morning. The town of Don Show for 5 to 10 News Ready, OK, l B. J. Austin Traffic can be a nightmare and kale BJs Melinda Brandt is here to guide you. Weekday mornings and afternoons on NewsRadio. K. LBJ from this President. Trump calls it domestic terror on Lisa Brady Fox News. He's condemning the riots, looting and attacks on police after the police shooting of Jacob Lake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, reckless far left. Politicians continue to push the destructive message that our nation and our law enforcement Oppressive or racist. They'll throw out any word president holding a roundtable with law enforcement and announcing funding for the state after touring some of the damage in Kenosha, where the Democratic governor sent in the National Guard earlier this week. We're all in this together, and this was an example of what can happen when you do it right. Meantime, Joe Biden turning attention back to Corona virus and an online event with running mate Kamala Harris, one of the great things I love about our plan. Is that it takes into account racial disparities as they continue to criticize the president's pandemic response there added again the same Russian entity that meddled in the 2016 election by sowing discord with bogus accounts on Lee. This time Facebook takes down the influence operation. They spoke removes 13 fake accounts and two pages linked to Russia's Internet research Agency for coordinated inauthentic behavior. The network linked to a phony media organization called Peace Data attempting to target left wing voters. In the U. S. By sharing articles about the 2020 election, some using fake photos to pose as news editors misleading freelance journalists to write for them Facebook suspending the network before he gained a large following, thanks to a tip from the FBI boxes. Christian Goodwin, the FBI's as it provided the information to better protect against threats to U. S security and Democratic processes. Intelligence officials have also warned about China and Iran attempting election interference. Meantime, anew, Pentagon report says China now has the largest navy in the world, surpassing the U. S and has doubled its stockpile of nuclear warheads. So the U. S still has far more of those America is listening to Fox News. News radio K LBJ. I'm John Cooley. This news, a surface of ABC home and commercial Services beauties athletics to privatise, slashing their staff with a series of layoffs and furloughs to save more in $13 million, officials say due to go the 19 the athletic start, Britain has laid off 35 staffers permanently cut 35 vacant positions. Several staffers will see their salary's cutting another 11 Be furloughed one quarter million dollars in unpaid tolls has been reclaimed by the Central Texas Regional Bill the authority through the habitual violator program, Craig Bettmann with the data Analytics firm Co. Genta says an additional $46,000 in unpaid fees has also been recouped. So the fact that this program significantly move the needle to me was quite eye opening and really changes. Behavior in Austin's airport is getting another infusion of federal dollars. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chances $76 million is being doled out to airports across the state and Austin is getting about 11.7 Million of that. VJ news times for traffic with Melinda Brand. No traffic conditions on 35 already through the downtown area. We're also seeing a slowdown 35 north bound from Parmer. Louis Noor told 45 things to an earlier rack and then South on delays on 35 or therefrom, then white to slaughter. We're also seeing a little bit of congestion on Mo Pak south bound in between the Lake and Barton Skyway. I'm Melinda Brant with Austin's on time traffic. Cloudy and humid with a thunderstorm late tonight Low 79 Wednesday thunderstorm High 95 from the Weather Center. I'm Andy Rob. It's.

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