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React to this and you know interact with it in the way that is meaningful to them without us making any claims of anything. It's just sort of a journey for people to go on. I hope that makes sense. And that was your perception when you watched it but That's sort of the gist of it. I think in and hopefully it'll just be very positive what people take away from it. I really liked the way it's put together like thought. I like the idea of just presenting information and then letting the people make up their own. Mind time right and i think That's right and i think i agree with you very much and i think a lot of it is about to is about. It's not just information but it's about people dealing with that possibility. In their own lives people going to agree for retreat. Who have lost a loved one to see if they might learn how to communicate with their loved one now things like that are going to sit with a a medium in holland to see if they might be able to learn how to be a medium themselves and grappling with it themselves so and you get to watch that and enter into it with them and i think it's very emotional too. I think i was very moved by parts of it so yeah i think it just leaves it all as an open door for people with the success of it to think. There'll be another series. Well we don't know simon. I mean we would love to be able to do season two amiss. And we've been keeping files of things that have come along for us. We thought could possibly be part of another series. You know a season two of the same with the same theme so we were n now that all these things are flooding in for us. Where even building up more files as of possible stories and you know areas of study and so on that we could incorporate into another season so it really depends on whether we're invited to do that. I mean i think. I don't know what what the decision mason making process is. But it'll be up to the net netflix people. If they want another series if they want another season. I mean of the same the same concept and other season and i don't i assume that it's way too early for them to make any decision like that. They probably want to see how well the show does before deciding that but I'd certainly love it if that happened. I think that'd be great. Get so much more of this information out there for people. Because i feel that there are some people have a real fear of death and learning about this stuff can. He's thought on this tremendous grief but can be used by the information as well. I agree with you simon. I think that's one of the valuable things about medium ship. You know for instance. We have the sequence in the series of this. You know grief retreat where they're going people if you can contact feel you've contact doesn't even matter if it's objective or not. If you feel that you have communicated with your. Let's say the child that you lost in a car accident. It changes everything for the grieving process. It's so positive for people who are in grief and so yes. I agree with you and not so..

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