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Devil, but it's just it's different. It's just you left there for for Lucifer. E mean, great, great choice and in offerings, But I mean, look at the Devil Morning something about like, cried Pride and like the white man individual is, um, well, yeah, that's what the documentary is like, is like it's like freedom of choice and stuff. Like individualism and like that's we got that from Satan or something. Okay, well, Jack. I mean, you You've heard the explanation. This is why this is why she has that there. I mean, what's that? Why does my religion matter like we're not even at that point yet? If you want to talk about individuals, and I would like to remain single for right now. The situation Wow. I mean, we've heard a lot of things honestly, over the years by this one. We've never heard a full on altar saving worshiper 100 Nicholas, and say it. Um, I also I learned something this morning. I didn't realize there was like an alternate. Meaning, um, but she's worshiping like murderer stuff. You see how that image Reed would freak people out? Yes. Um, if he would be willing to have a conversation with me about it, and maybe be a little more open minded. I could explain to him the more I mean, I'm not gonna going to end up here, but I can Lane. You know where we come from, But I guess he's a little closed minded. Then tell me, Do you feel like you feel like hearing her explaining to you? Uh, if you see Oh, you wouldn't say that, like I'm not trying to tell my grandma like most hard core question of all time, but like nothing like that's in the Bible or anything like that. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know. So it's not for you, Jack. No, no second date. You won't give another shot. No, thank you. Okay. All right. Don't put a hex on May. I don't know what is their voodoo involved in this year's has something different. I don't think so. Hey, there's good food. No, not I don't know what you're doing Voodoo over there now. There's not doing that night. E don't know the answer. So, daughter, please don't tell me if there is video involved because I think you're pretty. Yeah. I just want to say I think you're fantastic. Um, have a great heart. So I I wish you the best of luck. I'm sure not gonna find somebody who you could explain this to who's gonna understand it, But it's not Jack. So, guys, Thank you for your time. Best of luck to both of you. Sorry for making fun of your religion. No, we're not. No, I think it's just gonna hex you. No, no, no. I think you know it's great for you Love that for her. Thank you guys. We are things just when I thought I've heard it all on waiting by the phone. Then there's that much traffic. This report is sponsored by Rory University Online that trouble in the Tri State tollway this morning had North bound, backed up in Roosevelt's of the Grand Avenue curve. After a vehicle was on fire South bound, the gaping begins at the Bensenville Bridge. Imagine what you can accomplish with a degree from the war University online make a difference with one of their fully online programs in social work. Business. Criminal Justice Moore Learn more visit online or a daddy to you that your traffic update on Bart, Sure, one of 35 kiss at them. Progress is a game of inches..

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