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Lonzo star steve nicol what was that oh come on sorry ma bad meet milo so far isaiah enlarge though looks like a right look like they will play cohesively on paper it can look like it could be a situation where their adversaries but david planned together well what have you seen from that combinations of work i i've seen some good things and i think it starts what they say is attitudes uh iis a uh since she guy here from everything that i've seen off stocks i'm a few times he's he's got his head on right he's ready to whatever lou needs them to do and and he's not here to to see who whose the guy him more lonzo knowledge he's here to complement whatever uh you know the teams doing in this case i think lonzo anhamm longo's has shown a lotta respect for weisze thomas is and and i think i'd say appreciates that and and i think it's been good from the get go isaiah has has uh fit in pretty good with the rest of the guys who young guys you know see isaiah see a professional guy puts in the work and and they definitely see a guy who can get weapons especially in fourth quarter you wanna stalin feel freeze ninety percent they don't they go let them handle those fourthquarter free throws garcia marquez is joining us in what are the lakers going to do with julius randle adri because get coming into the season it seemed like they'd already kind of were headed in a direction where they were going to let him go that he would he did not seem to be a part of the future in the same way the law nzo ball brandon ingram in and obviously kyle coups merchant joined that group judge josh heart has joined that group but now it feels very very different how do you think they're.

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