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One weird thing I'm looking at in this kind of plays into another thing on our outline is what what is Brandon Knight is he's he's healthy, right? It's a twenty six year old who's making fifteen million dollars a year. That's a huge question Mark for this team for team who needs a point guard. I, I don't. I have no idea like where where he's at healthwise development wise, but by all accounts is a great kid hard worker and is being paid as a good starting point guard. And I guess now I've kind of touched every base, so this whole team of what we're excited to watch all Tyson Chandler, but. I decided to see what what Brandon night is. I mean, should be able to contribute some bit twenty six years old still to be in his prime. I, I don't know. That'll be interesting for me. Yeah, he's been off my mental right or fair, and that's not good. I mean, there are some players like they just can't handle the rhyme physically. I the example always use his if you see a like a baseball pitcher, AAA, just like go out and throw anything. Just smoke three and you're like, why is he in the major leagues? And it's like, well, he can't throw more than one or twice a week and you just can't handle the schedule. So you know, we'll, we'll see. I would. It'd be. A lot of the questions we answered if a sons are like nobody's talking about Brian is completely ready to come back and start of the playoff position for I have no clue, but that is something like if I see his sons preseason game on TV, you know, October eighth or whatever they start playing. It's like I was like, is tonight even around supporter thing. But. There right? Where the bulls are RPM and over under twenty seven point two twenty and a half, man. The Western Conference is absolutely brutal. They'd have to play above five hundred basketball against Eastern Conference. He's probably get that not really important, but it's kind of how close things out. I don't have strong feelings either wanna. Yes, strong feeling though whether the we're not interesting thing on it quick. I'll then I'll let you go. Greg is that they are the only line that has moved up in Vegas, so they came out at twenty eight and a half, and I got so much action on the over that they've moved it to twenty nine and a half. I was reading something on the app Elec and that Jeff Sherman who's the guy at Gulf God's on Twitter who tweet who tweets out all those overrun bears from west gate. He's the manager of west gate and most follow on Twitter. If you're going to be enough, I'll on go follow. Yeah, right. Yeah. But yeah, it was interesting that that's only line that moved and the just this is just random. But NBA fan would probably like this is that the other three most bet on things was the under for the Lakers forty, eight and a half the under for the Spurs forty three and a half, which I totally I would. I'll bet the over on that for sure. And then the over on the Tim roles at forty four and a half also got has both of the four that I've got the most action according to Jeff Sherman, but the sun's everyone everyone loves us team. I don't. I think they're going to be under that for sure. In the west, they're not one of thirty games no way. And I think this is just like the bulls if the hit the over might be because they didn't play the young guys enough it could. It could mean, hey, been there took a step, Chris took us. So sometimes it's like with the hawks last year. You see them taking way more likely than that, like I can't, but I just remember being the hawks he's last year. All the hawk turns like tank tank. I want them to when they named the first pick of the draft. And my response was if they win thirty games because guys took a step four, that's not a bad thing. So I would I would put that same kind of task to the sons. If John Jackson, Josh actor really opens his game up, it means they wouldn't twenty nine or thirty games. That's not that Greg. Any thoughts are on that? Yeah, I have a hard time seeing them move the win total Ford much from where they were last year..

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