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I don't know if i could have a better introduction. Thank you matt now. The pressure's on. I wanna share with you this morning. The theme for walker water this year. And then we're gonna take that from talking about walk into. I think a thing that we can all relate to we. We talk about the word change. That's a scary word for some of us change but before we get into this morning for those of you like what in the world has walked for water. Well if you haven't been here for the last twelve years that your new than this being the thirteenth walk for water. Maybe this will help understand so last year and this year we've gone with the theme chains the cycle and you'll have shirts in some of your wearing the shirts and on the back or four icons and that is what to look at those real quick because when you wear the shirt you blast questions. I don't want to be like. Oh i don't know where to shirt comfortable. There's four logos on their done. What you like. The first one is the need for those who struggle to have water hunt daily basis that little person silhouette with the bucket turned over. Just a daily struggle that those around the world go through the don't have access easy access to clean. Water the icon is it comes down to the little of point you to two little silhouettes walking and that's what we're doing today. That's what you all have done for thirteen years including today. The nikon breezy around that water dropped with a nice little squiggly lines and that represents clean water. Which is why we walk for water. And then my favorite is. They're choreographing in the church of christ but the celebration the dancing that takes place at the will but also when we rejoice. So maybe this afternoon. When you're walking you get done. Walk in your four miles. You might still have energy to celebrate the fact that you're making a difference but ultimately that is and i've countless times when i've been to haiti in other places and i've seen someone at a will when the water pumps for the first time or if it's been repaired and flows again i've witnessed cure joy in that kind of celebration and then the aero. Obviously the cycle is changed. Now that cycle that we're talking about is a cycle that they get up every morning every afternoon. They'd take their journey that get dirty water. They get sick in the cycle starts over and over but with you all everyone else helping to change the cycle the cycle is broken and subtly. Thus who here this morning obviously here for common purpose we give the credit to god. And that's where the arrow points up. So that is what your shirt icon means and that is what we'll be doing today but i wanted to show you this for those of you have not worked lie. We walk could you imagine that is your water source. There's a lot of words that can be described but difficult insane dangerous but guess what's in there something. We need for life water. That looks yummy. I mentioned this class this morning. Kind of we kinda laughed. Because i know you guys experienced rainy and dry season but around the world. There's literally rainy and dry season. That is a riverbed in dry season. It'll continue. The water will continue to go down that a river bid many in the rainy season. Where you see brown is full of water is a river bid so the struggle is real but last year we worked together but we were still together and i just wanted to share a couple of memories last year. Madness had this deal still detention pitcher. But you all still found a way to walk for water in various locations. It looks like you walk in december tennessee. With all the geared murray. I don't know i. I usually look like that in october. When i come up for the ball and you guys are short. So i don't know must have been miller chillier and there you go just a flashback to show you it helps you remember the fine even though we're apart you still made that difference and that is what you walk for my favorite pitcher. We don't usually get that high quality photos back but in ghana there was a professional photographer taking pictures at some well. So so that is why we walked for water in the theme is change the cycle and this morning though. We're going to go down a different kind of theme with that. We're gonna talk about changing the cycle in our lives. I'm just gonna leave that up to the rest of the time you can see that in the background. But let me ask you this. When jesus came to this earth. Why did he come. You may very well say. He came to change the cycle in the gospel of john throughout the gospels. We read many accounts where we encountered jesus going into a situation and bringing chains do not specifically in john chapter five. Where we're gonna go to our story this morning to look if you want to go ahead and flip there. John chapter five but right there the chapter before john chapter four jesus encounters woman at the well bring change to her life change to that community then a chapter eight. Is you go on down. You see another counter where jesus brings change with. The woman caught in adultery when jesus encounters us change must take place when jesus encounters us. We have to ask. Are we willing to change. Now i'm gonna tell you this do do you like to change. Do you like change. No i want you to know and don't raise. Your hand confessed this morning but how many of you did not like the fact that some of your parking spots were blocked off. That is frustrating. Who is blocked. My how many of you come into church on a sunday morning. You look at somebody in your seat. I've sat there for twenty years. That's my seat. I don't change by sitting on the left side of the preacher looks different. We do not like change. So when we encounter jesus did he asked us to change our cycle. It's tough john chapter five. Let's go ahead and flip in our bibles they're fitting at a guy who works for an organization that his job is to talk about. Water would take you to the scene of water. John chapter five. We're gotta read versus through nine. Then we're going to focus on one part of the story now. There is in jerusalem by the sheep gate a pool. An aramaic called bethesda which has five five ruth colonnades in these lay a multitude of invalids. Why lane in paralyzed. One man was there who had been invoked. Kim it for thirty eight years when jesus saw him lying there and knew that he had already been there a long time. He said to him. Do you want to be heal. The sick man answered him sir. I have no one to put me into the end of the pool when the water is stirred up and while i'm going going another steps down before me. Jesus said to him.

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