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Now china never let google back at analogize norma's market but if google had the temerity to do that with the market is vast and is valuable as as as china i'd imagine push came to shove they would do something like that in the overwhelming majority of canadian citizens would probably concur that it's more in their interests that they continued get access to google than that this one little issue be settled in favour in in the manner that the canadian government would light although it is odd because google does seem to not go too far out of the way too you know aden about things that are that are funny they're very antispam of course the there's some got to be something deeper here these gotta be they must see some utility to the slight or some kind of weakness of the canadian government's argument to be the they don't they don't want to set the precedent that yeah when canada ask for something to be removed from google candida they'll have to defend it everywhere because the next thing you know it's google luxembourg via the exactly the hard part is google dummyhalf the reason that we love the internet is because we can be anywhere and get to any thing and it we're starting to see that but up against globalism antiglobalism laments saying that's what this case is but you're so you started you see those cases crop up more and more and it's probably going to be an issue moving forward but it's unfortunate hope power of the internet is i'm here urine japan and we're talking in and we have them we can get to the same stuff and it's beautiful and i'm always sad when he's not beautiful we have had had so money hud needs to harmonize laws across borders for when other technologies come along maybe this is another case that's going to happen yet i believe the right to be forgotten folks in europe are now trying to force google to take things out of us results he added it's in the french supreme court yet and as exactly yeah.

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