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KOA NewsRadio time three forty eight. We are working our way through a Thursday edition of the show tomorrow. I think we're going to do do you have a dumb question Friday. Do you have any questions rob who's in for his daily beating I have nothing but dumb questions? I like your attitude pal. I like your attitude Daytona two hundred tomorrow, Laurie Leonard has joined us in the studio as well. Do you have a dumb question? We ask are dumb questions while we're sitting at our desks. Shout out dumb questions inevitably someone in our sphere has the answer. Why don't sheep shrink when it rains? That's a good point. Where does the white go when the snow melts? Exactly, stay fresh cheese bag. That's one of those jokes that I'm not even gonna explain I'm just gonna let you people wonder what just happened there. I think we shared it on our face. Yes. You you went to tell them John last night did nine rose from the stage. And you cried I cried a lot. What's twice? I'm sorry. No. Let me ask you this. Because I love Elton John, did you cry because those songs reminded you of a certain time or certain moment or certain something because I feel like he's been a part of my entire life. He has been he's been fifty some odd. Yes. Out there doing this. I cried at tiny dancer because that song as such a beautiful song. Hold me closer, Tony danza. Ho hold me closer Tony danza that workday that Mike. Let's see just came in. Okay. And so the that song just kind of makes me feel good. Yeah. And then it makes you feel all emotional. And then you think of the movie almost famous that scene when they're on the bug on the bus all starts singing it everybody on that. That's five eight one of my favorite scenes, and then your song just because it was romantic. Yeah. You do not cry. He sold seats steal any. But I was able to move closer and closer tonight went on thanks to the help of some friends. So. One person. See the song Daniel came on videotape because I both a brother-in-law to brother-in-law's. My wife has a brother and brother-in-law named Daniel her sister, married a guy named Daniel. Has a brother in NBA, and it was a six year anniversary of his heart transplant. So I sent him. But so I shot it in two parts because the imagery behind him during that song was a dead soldier. Yeah. Yes. So then I had to explain it. We're all sitting here. I don't know what it is tightened it up and was like okay tight shot for the last half of the work better. So I sent it to them separately. There you go very good concert. Tonight's his last night in Denver. Dan, I wonder if he's playing along because and now for the most exciting segment on the radio guy. Of the day. And rob in here to play out the day. What's our word of the day? Please. Dave word of the day is an adjective and it is Portugal. H O RT AT IV Horta chip does that have to do with plant plant plant like very green org makes sense there. Heard the word before something that it's an irritant. It's.

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