Ibbotson, Donald Trump, Fifteen Years discussed on The Kristen Hagopian Show


But i haven't done that study i'm just hypothesizing there i'm sure others have but i broke my fifteen years down into the first seven years and the next eight years i seven years being i want my money pretty darn safe and the next eight years i'm okay with a tiny bit of risk but i wanna keep it pretty safe from pretty darn safe to pretty safe or safe anything beyond fifteen years can be risky because there's not been in all of history a fifteen year period where stocks haven't produced a positive rate of return and that's really all we can ask for we can't be saying you know well it's gonna average eight percent because it hasn't most of the time it does but with your locker my luck most of the time doesn't cut the mustard i also know that there hasn't been a twenty year period where stocks haven't beaten the rate of inflation according to data that i have gleaned from ibbotson and i also know with data that i have gleaned from burton malki l that since nineteen fifty the worst twenty five year period has been a seven point nine four percent return for stocks so the moral of this story is yes i think this fellow henseler is onto something here rather than trying to time your way in and out and i know right now with the volatility and potential trade wars donald trump's impeachment or pending impeach being facetious there but there are a lot of people that would like to see that for sure that could really cause the stock market to go haywire at least for a while but what this.

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