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You don't know this, but so while we were talking, I was like, let me find an old stew report on not an actual one. No, this is going to go well for you, actually. So let's look back ten years. Now, some of these. Can you say ten years ago? Thankfully, thankfully, whatever SI has become has not scrubbed your presence entirely. But there were some no brainers in this class. So, all right, so yeah, please do not look up anything. Okay. So I'm going to say a name you tell me what you think you graded them. Michael leads to Washington state. I bet I get on a you did. You gave it an a plus. And honestly, that you hit that. I mean, because they were awful and did some amazing things there. Urban Meyer to Ohio State. If I didn't give that an a plus, I shouldn't have had the job. Well, you shouldn't have had the job. You gave it an a, I don't know why you didn't give it an a plus? Probably because of the way he you know, the weird nature of the end of his Florida tenure. It was probably the only hold up. Rich Rodriguez two Arizona. A minus. You gave it a you might be starting to cheat now. Well, you better move it around here. If you're going down, I know, I realize that. Bill O'Brien depends. Oh, I pan that. Oops. Oops. Kevin someone to Texas a and M a now B really? Yes. You freeze to old mess. I'm not good. B minus. Yeah, there you go. Hopefully not cheating. No, I'm not. Jim Morrison, UCLA. C D, you hear that? You can't do that. But let me ask you something. He was not a D, let's make it clear. He wasn't a day. But if you're giving him a grade on how his tenure went, what would it be? I would give him a B minus. That's what I was gonna say to you. All right. Illinois hired Tim beckman. Oh no. And you loved it. Oh no. Where do we even know about to jump back then going into that job? It wasn't even the coach of Toledo for like two years. Back men a berea Ohio native knows the Midwest and the Big Ten. He coached at Ohio State under Jim trestle. The 46 year old went 14 and two in the Mac, the past two years, reaching the conference title in 2011. He shows promise those head coaching experiences limited to three years. So I gave it what a you gave him a B, a B okay, that was not a B that was a big fat D that was like a D minus. Here's the one. Whenever it comes down to your tires, this is not exactly inspiring people to read it. Kansas hires Charlie wise. What did you give it? Yeah. No stew. You gave him a C plus. No, I didn't. But after you give it up. Todd Graham, Arizona state. Okay, if I recall that was under somewhat controversial circumstances, I'm going to say give forget the unseemly way he exited. Nobody forgot it, so certainly not me. By the way, now he's in another, you know, hot water situation, why he players are going public with accusations of him being verbally abusive. I'm going to say I gave it a C you gave him a D you gave him a I wouldn't say his Arizona state tenure was a D no, I wouldn't be either. It was probably closer. If we said more was it B minus, then I would say Graham was B minus. I would give him a C plus. Larry fedora, North Carolina. I bet I love that one. I bet I gave it an a minus. You gave him a B plus. I think that's on the gam, and I think there might be one or two. We've missed here, but that was the gist of it. It's a crapshoot. I mean, unless it's an urban Meyer to Ohio State, right? That's obvious. You should you give me so much crap about our bodies. You should go find the one I wrote when he was hired. I think I gave an a plus. Well, why would you not? Everybody would have at that point. So there's the ones that are obviously most of these aside from your backman fanaticism. Was pretty pretty astute. Although again, you gave urban an a I mean, even people hate urban. I wonder why I gave leech a higher grade than urban. Leach have been out of coaching for a couple of years at that point. I don't know. You know, yeah. Look, I can't say that every year. There's some obvious ones at the high end. I will be giving U.S. south I right now who are giving USC an a plus for link O'Reilly. And then there's some obvious Charlie Weiss to Kansas at the low end. Everything in between is a crapshoot. There is no Charlie Weiss to Kansas in this cycle. No, there hasn't been. But they're still could be. No, I don't think there can be. I think that was I think that was an epic fiasco. What's crazy is that there aren't that many epic fiasco hires, but Kansas. One of our colleagues, I think it ranked the worst hires in the big 12 over whatever it was. A man Kansas was like, Kansas was like me in school, which is why I ended up. I believe that was max. Maybe teamed up with somebody else. I can't remember. We did that for every conference, I think. We did ranking all of the coaching hires since 1992. I don't remember what the earliest date was on those. And it was always the main thing is you would get to maybe halfway through and you'd be like, gosh, this guy is high enough to be half only halfway through because so many of these don't work out. All right, that was a fun little trip down memory lane. Thanks for that. Bruce from Mike and be North Carolina pretty simple and straight to the point should they rethink early signing day. It's causing complete chaos with coaches having to take the jobs..

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