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Vehicles at Berman dot com. Get traffic and weather together on the every ten minutes. News Radio seven hundred and one zero five point nine FM the WBZ AccuWeather forecast. Mostly cloudy, and mainly cloudy and mild tonight, low fifty and tomorrow, mostly cloudy and breezy with rain at times, and perhaps some rumbles of thunder a high sixty five right now, we have sixty two degrees at O'Hare sixty midway and forty six along the lakefront. Our top local stories our top story that is the subject of this update. The president tells the Republican Jewish coalition he withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal to protest Israel. And he said he also needs to thank democratic congresswoman Ilhan, Omar for spy, sparking a fight among Democrats with comments that some criticized as antisemitic we'll have much more on this story coming up at five thirty one. The Elgin fire department is becoming more reflective of the suburbs racial makeup. Elgin has hired six new firefighters since January among them is a Hispanic man and a woman. The daily herald reports their arrival comes after fifteen people in the department have retired over the last three years, including an assistant fire chief that's prompted the department to increase its diversity efforts including getting rid of a requirement that applicants have sixty hours of college credit. Nancy hardy NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM getting underway in south Elgin next week groundbreaking on new fire stations, according to the Elgin. News. The south Elgin and countryside. Fire protection district will hold a public groundbreaking at nine thirty AM Monday at the site of the future station Twenty-three on south Elgin boulevard station. Twenty-three will be a one story twelve thousand square foot facility that will house a fire engine, ambulance and diving equipment the news station Twenty-one on spring street will replace the current south Elgin fire headquarters, which has been in use for more than sixty years. WBZ news time five twenty two. Name zones. Jeff tow, it's formed in nineteen eighty in Sacramento today. They released eight studio albums in terms of their name. They wanted something to stand out not cheesy. So they combine the hip hop term deaf. With a fifties band Suffolk stones. They wanted to. They into sound vague to reflect the band's tendency to play of a righty of musical styles. This week in eighteen ninety six the first modern Olympic Games, Athens Greece the NFL about free substitution rule this week in nineteen forty three's nineteen sixty seven seventy six Wilt Chamberlain sitting NBA record of forty one rebound. Baseball's opening day was postponed because of Martin Luther King's assassination this week in nineteen sixty eight NFL down to the jersey numbering system this week nineteen seventy three these meeting nineteen seventy-four Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth home run records. Sweet music ever clear from an art Alexakis has revealed that he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis almost three years ago and has headed for anywhere between ten to twenty years will issue is for solo album sun-star things this summer and will embark on a solo tour starting in may imagine dragons and several other artists will honor the military in an event called side-by-side a celebration of service, which takes place in New York over Memorial Day weekend. And that is your weekend usage. Throw five JR. Days. JR's DIY pop group for makes their own material. That's composed of three brothers who started performing two thousand five around New York City. They initially found record interest in an interesting way. One of the brothers tweeted the link to one of their songs to eighty or so celebrities, it got the attention of SIA who told her manager about it their debut single. I'm ready was very popular. And brought them even more. It's anchin. Today. They released three studio albums do one thing to protect the environment. It all starts with just one thing every April. We celebrate Earth Day. But really everyday should be your day. This April do some simple things that will have a long-term impact by some LED bulbs that save electricity and lasts for decades. Plant a tree or started guarded and enjoy the benefits of plants and buy some reusable grocery bags and keep one in your car that way, you can celebrate Earth Day all year long. It all starts with one thing. Find tips and more at one thing US dot com. What's your one thing? WBZ news time five twenty four think about your own. Vegetable garden, are you planning for diversity this spring? I'm Lisa Hilton of Chicago botanic garden with your gardening tips for the week if you've been growing just one favourite lettuce variety over the years, it's time to diversify. So your first homegrown salad of the year will be packed with vitamins and have color, crunchy and texture. Ruge is the speedy grower thirty five days from seed to harvest so a row of raquet every two weeks until summer's heat arrives. Try for say an end diva's pretty on the plate as it is in the garden. Messina is a spicy mustard. Green with toothed leaves in rhetoric. Green. It's cut and come again plant, meaning it will regrows after harvest mosh is a cold tolerant green famous in Europe coveted for its nutty taste also known as corn salad transplant mush into the garden as you. Rethink your first salad of the year. More tips are online at WBZ, NewsRadio dot com slash audio. I'm Lisa HOGAN bird for NewsRadio seven eighty and one of five point nine FM. WBZ news time five twenty five time for business. Sponsored by sketchers outlet signed by started by in the National Football League is already on board. Verizon signed a two year deal to become the league's official five G innovation partner. Developing five G enhanced live NFL games for your phone in stadium. Video feeds in new angles for the action at home. It's great business,.

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