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Amazon unit increase thermostat to seventy two degrees that's cool that's really cool you know the summertime you got a bunch of people coming over so the you know be a lot of warm bodies in the house you can just amazon unit decrease thermostat to sixty four degrees you know and it'll kick the air conditioning unit and cool everything off my outside lights are set up to go on at sunset off at sunrise but you know you get a storm that comes through and so it gets pretty dark outside just say amazon unit turn on outside life or amazon unit turn on living room lights does control your tv to all your entertainment stuff no i haven't gotten that the apparently the dish hopper unit you can work with the amazon a unit with i'm still not there yet the wife hasn't seen the financial justification for that okay i've got that same problem in my house to if the wife has seen the financial justification it just doesn't exist so that's about life fight all the time well that sounds pretty cool though is it worth the potential intrusion into your privacy like amazon being able to listen to your conversations and all that stuff do you worry about any of that i do when i don't because all the other things that are listening in and doing what they want to anyway you're euro yeah they get you coming and going through so and if it's really something i don't want them here i am plug it.

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