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Why wouldn't you wanna go into their and their place with everything on the line and demoralized them, you know, and this is one of those games where if the bears do come in on Sunday and beat the Vikings and beat them handily and make Kirk cousins, look, really bad and almost embarrassed them. It's one of those losses for the for any team understand the Vikings. They can carry into next season. Because cousins there's a lot of questions to answer on Sunday. There are a lot of people already talking that. Hey, this is his biggest game as a Viking. It may be one of his biggest games as career and he's been known as a guy that doesn't play big in big games. So if he shows the the Viking fan base and not the Redskins fan base. But the Vikings fan base that. Yep. He's still the same guy that all the stats say that he's not a big game a quarterback, and we paid all this money. She's going to go into the offseason in in the beginning next year with a lot of pressure. And and so that's again, the bears probably understand that they. We know that and they'd be the they'd love to be the team that sort of starts that that negative attitude towards cousins, Ben Lieber with this bend before we let you around. Let me just say John a few college football points Notre Dame. Clemson the big one Katembo four PM eastern time. Notre Dame was in a spotlight this undefeated. They got blown out of the national title game by Alabama Clemson beyond the year. They're having as some people question their schedule. And then you have the news of Dexter Lawrence. And it looks like he won't play in this one Notre Dame and Clemson. It's hard to go against Clemson. I mean, you know, when they have, you know, they've got all Americans on every level that defense, and you know, Notre Dame's got they've got some all Americans on defense to. But I think that there's the threat of of E T N and giving the ball down the field and that balance on offense. I think it's gonna just be a little bit too much firepower for Notre Dame. And I have a ton of respect for Notre Dame's doing, you know, they've got a really good running back as well that that is going to have to watch out for I think that you can attack clemson's linebackers a little bit. I think you can get those guys out in space now whether or not you're going to have a lot of time to split. Those guys is another thing. But don't get me wrong. I mean, clemson's not exactly a one hundred percent policy defense, and there's there's no holes. But I think you can tap these guys at their at their linebacker level and really get those guys on an island and make some plays because Notre Dame's got some playmakers an offense to so. But if you had to ask me a pick a winner, I'm gonna. Funds on this one. And then the other big game Bama and Oklahoma Orange Bowl. Eight PM eastern on Saturday. Obama had the three players suspended. The biggest one of note the offense alignment Brown to eighty eighty five percent. He said yesterday, and then for Oklahoma the Heisman Trophy winner and Cuyler Murray who has missed practice, but it has an illness this past week and misdemeanor day yesterday. Bama Oklahoma do expect this to be a close wonder does. Bama continue to roll I bama's gonna continue to roll. It's I really love I this. I mean, each one of these matchups, you know, obviously, it's going to be the most talented each one of these teams is based on the opposing side of the ball all season long. And I think there's going to be an adjustment period for Alabama for sure this this'll be the most team speed on offense that they have seen all year long. And it's gonna take them some time to adjust. But unlike previous years, you know, even with to not one hundred percent, this will also be the most firepower that Alabama has had a long time on offense to and and nobody's really talked about how good that defense is they're just sort of dismissing the defense because the offense has sort of taken everybody by surprise by storm. But the really good at once again another really good defense for Alabama. So I I would tend to lean towards the guys that are just a little bit bigger and play better defense overall and this matchup, even though there's gonna be a lot of athleticism for Oklahoma. And a lot of a lot of speed. I think Alabama is going to go out and win this one. And it's going to be one of those where they went. They went in the second half just because they they wear out this Oklahoma team on both sides of the ball. And that's and that's a hard thing to say, no one Oklahoma just one of the best offense group in the country. But I think it's gonna be too much for them to handle for four quarters last one for Ben Lieber Benazir two part question. Number one. What did you make of Justin Herbert's decision to return to Oregon and then the follow up on that? Kyla Mary according to his agencies like he will choose baseball. But with this not being a strong quarterback class. Do you think maybe he'll change that decision at all? I hope not you know, if I were if I were his parents if I were Kyle parents I'd say follow baseball. I know that there seems to be. Seems to be more popularity and then there's obvious popularity with slip ball, and he would for sure be a rising star quickly and a lot of attention and probably more attention than he's gonna get in the first couple of years and baseball, but you know, you know, here in the twin cities, you know, Joe Mauer was one of these guys at the state's similar decision. Now, he didn't he faced? He made the decision before he went to Florida state, but he's one of the best athletes in the country in both baseball and football. And and he's made a pretty nice hall of fame career, at least with the twins sort of speech choosing baseball, and he, you know, made two hundred million dollars playing baseball, and you're not gonna find that the NFL. So as a parent I would say play play baseball you can play for fifteen or twenty years. You can make a lot more money. Your body's going to be saved going down the road. Now, as far as just a Herbert goes, I think this was a this was sort of been floated out there about midway through the season that he didn't take the necessary steps they thought developing lives. That they thought he was going to take. And I think it makes a lot of sense. I think he's, you know, knowing a little bit what I know about 'em covering some of their games is that he's got a really good head on her shoulders. He's got really good supportive down to earth family. And I think they just wanna make the right decision for him going for so. Yes, even though he could potentially be a first draft pick this year. You know, if he comes back and does make those those stripes next year for sure will be a first round draft pick if not the very first quarterback taking next year, and hopefully because of it and and the maturity aspect of it he'll have a better pro career. Because Ben thank you for the time. As always we appreciate it. Hey, my pleasure, man. Have a good one. Appreciate Ben Lieber joining us right there on CBS sports Radio Zet Gelb in for a law, Amy Lawrence, and we're coming to you live from the Quicken Loans studios. National mortgage lender. Quicken Loans apply simply understand fully mortgage confidently. When we come back. We jump into the Tom Brady conversation. We'll play a little bit of what rob Nick of. It's had to say about his former quarterback. And also Tom Brady. This is a real shocker he said in an interview that he believes he will play next year and not only that year. But he hopes to play for a long time for many more years to come. Tom is forty one. Some people may be saying he's slowing down radio wants to keep on playing.

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