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They've been crowing about a lot of new investments, but actually in terms of western interest, we actually haven't seen that. And we've seen strikes on public protests protests from public sector workers. And we've seen a lot of people warming to Jamaica because he. He's making boulder promises on the economy. Perhaps they won't be achievable, Bush the president and Zanu PF or not seen as credible on the economy. Chamisa has made himself to be this next later and is claiming he must win. But in a way Mugabe's legacy still hangs over this election, his supporters form their own party, and his image is still widely used as not right. The party that was formed by some of his supporters on some of those aligned to the generation forty faction within Zanu PF is it hasn't got much traction in this election and at least from what we can see formerly, at least Mugabe's influence, isn't there obviously, informally. It hangs over everything. I think more problematic for on a PF is the the internal tensions within the party. The haven't gone away since November. We had party primaries a little bit earlier this year that many of them have to be rerun apparently was because of irregularities. But in many instances, it was allies of the president and not getting positions. And also tensions between military factions on other factions on essentially, we have a president that's not quite as secure in his position as perhaps Mugabe was in his heyday on a lot of military figures, kind of see him as a one term president that perha-. Hops will eventually make way for vice President. Constantine chewing who, as we know, it was one of the the main coup leaders and helped bring none Gagua to power. We've touched on inflation and the economy, but certainly there is a lot else at stake here for Zimbabwe. Moving forward. What are international observers watching for? I mean, you've, you've talked you on investment being. I'm being very important. Yet. Zanu PF has staked a lot of credibility on this election. And as we touched on international observers had been invited for the first time since the has an to, but as as is the problem, both in Africa and elsewhere. A lot of rigging manipulation of the poll happens before polling day, and and we've, we've heard about some of the issues around the voters roll on about the integrity of the ballot paper international observers. They wanna credible poll and Santa PF needs the for western investment. And the problem is that we know that the MDC aligns are very close if not ahead in terms of the presidential vote of Zanu PF and we don't know whether it's on a PF on the military behind them would accept a defeat on us oppose. The big concern is that in a close tight race that these Imbaba electric commission in conjunction with Zanu PF and the military might. Use the problematic voters role to make sure they get the first round victory so that they don't have to go to a run-off poll grace if and just bring you in here. Lastly, for one final word, what are you expecting on Monday? What's been the mood in the country where you are. The mood in some quarters is you forty, but cautious because two thousand eight MDC almost got into power. So people are worried that things might actually go the same that same route again, but people have been mobilizing each other because they really want to go in vote and they went to vote for change, but we don't know what will happen because they is tomorrow sector Sundays between those two days Renon PF my look like it down and out, but it tends it surprises us because they have the power to actually mobilize people in in the rural areas. If bra areas people have overcome their fear Ben chemmy some, it's actually really. But when they going to be allowed to take over is another thing. But I also think that Zanu PF is going into this election because they are convinced they're going to win because I don't think these guys hit the Coosa that they would lose power. Thank you so much both for your now. Asus grace Muthana. They're a writer in Harare on the line and Dr Jason Robinson, Africa analyst at Oxford Analytica. You are listening to the monocle daily, live from studio one at Meduri house. UBS has over nine hundred investment analysts from over one hundred different countries over a million hundred of the shop is mines and freshest thinkers in the world of finance today. No-one no-one knows small and find out how we can help you contact us at UBS dot com..

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