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A year ago. Congressman Kelly A. Butler P A represents eery, one of President Trump's Republican strongholds. It was the first request to delay or overturn the results of the presidential election to reach the high court. And it appears says, though, Justice Amy Cody Barrett, Mr. Trump's latest nominee, took part in the case since there were no dissents and no recusals noted. Philadelphia Flowers show may not die on the vine during Cove it we'll have more on that. After traffic and weather on the tubes. Let's check those roads for you and check in with Kyrie Moses. All right, Steve. Lots of frustration tonight South on 95 barely moving comment to the approach of bridge. This is because only one lane is getting by Now. Once you get through that it opens up a little bit. And then traffic stopped at the Betsy Ross Bridge as they set up more roadwork in the left lane. Now they're starting to let traffic through again. But you're very slow through this. So it is not a fun commute at all on the South. Downside of 95 will get to North bound in just a minute. South found you've got the two right lanes blocked and Delaware County from the Commodore Barry Bridge Down the child, Chester Avenue. Luckily, we're not seeing a back up with that north on 95 jams solid from the bat, see up to the approach of common. We're on Lee that left lane is getting by. So if you think about taking 95 maybe wait a while for the delays to thin out eventually. Hopefully, Von Expressway is all right. Through center City, Philadelphia Scougall Expressway westbound. The left Lane blocked University to South Street. But for the first time all day it's actually not. Causing a delay right now, so go forward on the Scougall east on the Scougall. It's a work crew, partially blocking the ramp to two of two South not really seeing a slowdown with that P a turnpike westbound between 95 Ben sale in the left lane is blocked and then South on the Northeast extension between Quakertown and Lansdale. We've got the left lane blocked as well but of a jam up tonight in University City. They've got some overnight closures in place until at 4 A.m.. It's 39th Street blocked between chestnut and walnut. They did this last night. They're doing it again. Walnut Street is closed between 38 40th Street, I would take Market street to get you around that our bridges are looking really good. I can forget about this Lincoln Drive. Inbound is close between Clive Den and Ridge, The contractor says by 5 A.m. at the latest. They're gonna have that re open and we're doing all right in New Jersey at this time from the P. J. Fitzpatrick Home Improvement 24 hour Traffic Center, transform your old tub to a five star shower in just one day trust PJ dot com I'm Kyrie Moses. The five day forecast. Here's NBC 11th Alert meteorologist Britney Ship Another clear and Cold night ahead, Temperature's dropping down into the high twenties, mid twenties for a suburbs in the north and.

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