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I mean I think the fact that like people are here willing to like knock on door is when it's like thirteen degrees that speaks to like something I asked crystal from national if she's worried not really no I think that she can still pull ahead I think that she can because she's done it was referencing warns twenty twelve win against Republican senator Scott brown worn continued making the case for herself Tuesday night our campaign is best positioned to be Donald Trump in November because we can unite our party and she said ninety eight percent of the delegates remain up for grabs in Manchester Jessica Rosenthal fox news many on sports talk radio of weed in and how they feel about the opening weekend of the XFL's inaugural season how it went but if you want an indisputable argument well you don't need to listen to them let the money do the talking apparently and here's something that you can't argue with the average ticket price for week two of the season for the XFL up seventeen percent from the first week of action with four games as follows the St Louis battle hawks at the Houston Roughnecks will cost you a hundred and seven Bucks for tickets while the New York guardians in the deep sea defenders they got neat nicknames you go to the government that a hundred one box they keep it under one hundred with Dallas the renegades at Los Angeles with the Wildcats at ninety eight Bucks and you can get in to see the Tampa Bay viper's play at the Seattle dragons were the paltry sum of ninety four dollars so the XFL tickets they did what three point three million viewers the very first game second week that's when we're going to find out that's where the proof's in the pudding because the first we could been out out of curiosity the winner of this year's Westminster Kennel Club dog show is considered a bold choice by some years fox's Joe NATO her full name as champion stone run afternoon tea but she's known as C. about twenty twenty one.

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