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And in the game's history. This was a very gratifying set of results after some uncertainty, but the legislature both houses came through the governor was behind it as well. And might not just might it almost certainly will get the breeding program back moving in the right direction. Bring some Maier's New Jersey. Yeah. Absolutely. I think the biggest thing that's the most important thing that, you know, maybe some people do know some people don't as mama's park is in a very unique position where we're, you know, we're run by horsemen, you know, the New Jersey urban horsemen's association group, you know, Lisa's, mama park. They are the ones in charge every single day. So whether it's this per subsidy or spoke. Betting or anything like, you know, the the only thing that's on our r you know, boards mind than our executives mind is how is this going to enhance horse racing? You know, there's no thought whatsoever of let's use some of this money and stick it in our pocket and call it a day that that's not even a possibility. You know, we're we're run by horsemen. So the whole reason behind getting sports betting is to use that to help horse racing. You know, obviously, that's why dentistry works hard to get not only sports betting but the subsidies, so that horse racing could get better. So the decision that's will be made will be the best decision for the sport of horse racing. Which is which is exciting for me who obviously is a huge fan of of racing and should be for the whole industry and talk about the the background and how you came to the game and your your stops along the way because you're you're one of these guys that much older than you look. And you you've looked like this for fifteen years. I've known you. Yeah. I it's a fun story. I like telling it. Yeah. 'cause I so my my job. I'm now the head of marketing, mama park. So contests are part of that events are part of that, you know, everything. And and I I love that job. Because I do what I'm trying to do to other people. What happened to me? I literally started from nothing in terms of horse racing. I wasn't born into it. You know, the first time I went to the track. I read the form upside down. I bet a horse to you know, his his his rates. I thought the racist on the bottom where his most recent. So he started off his career with three straight wins. And then lost everything after thirty two one on the board. I'm like I. Because I thought you know, I thought he wanted to last three races. So that's where I started great. So when when people say, you know, you can't get new people into racing, and there's no way for young people. Like, it's just not true because I lived it. Yeah. You're not gonna be able to get everyone, obviously, just like any. But I truly went. They're betting names numbers, my favorite horse, the horse who got me into horse racing was Hans stuff. And then some she was like. I bet on them for the first time because he had a fun name. I didn't know anything about anything about him. But he had a fun name. And then slowly. But surely us the first source that went on my virtual stable, and I follow them. And he wanted twelve to one when I was a freshman in college and one more money than any freshman college had then, you know, I did three years, and he said Steve down and goal stream working in marketing there, and then Monmouth, you know, sign me up fulltime, which was good. So my last six college credits for new another part of the story. My last six college credits from Rutgers was interning at mom with park that you read the breeders go I've been there ever since I started in the horsemen bookkeeper office the year before the Breeders Cup the that office where the candy bowl is. So every executive stops there to pick up some. And that's how I met all the park. So the next year I need an internship. I call up the head of marketing, then Pete Verdy. I said, hey, remember, I gave you Eminem's last year. You know can return the favor and give me an internship..

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