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The International Space. Station has been forced to make an unshared course correction in order to avoid a possible collision with a piece of space junk. The Russian federal space in Zeros cosmas fired up the orbital maneuvering engines of its progress Ms. Fourteen cargo ship docked to the orbiting outpost in order to carry out the cost change the burn lasted about one hundred seconds increasing the station's orbital velocity by that half a second and its orbital altitude by about nine hundred meters safely avoiding the space debris European Space Agency says there are now some thirty four thousand. Thousand objects more than ten centimeters in size, orbiting the earth, and the refer the nine hundred thousand objects between one and ten centimeters in size, and a further one, hundred and twenty eight million objects, a centimeter or lesson size, currently circling the planet, and all of these traveling around twenty eight thousand kilometers an hour. It seems river humans venture. They leave their rubbish behind. This is space time still to come. China launches. It's ninety second reconnaissance spy satellite, and later in the science report confirmation of a new more contagious variant of the covid nineteen virus. That and more still to come on space time. China's Ahmad of spy satellites is continuing to expand with the launch of two more high resolution reconnaissance satellites, the first to fly was the golfing multi mode imaging spacecraft,.

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