President Trump, Commissioner, Michelle Pelino discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


In the store it's four minutes past the hour for empire actor jussie Smollett has been charged again in connection with a hoax racist attack last year thank you Jesse small letters headed back to court after being indicted stemming from the alleged racist and anti gay attack that happened in January of twenty nineteen smaller claimed he was attacked at two in the morning by two men in magna has who threw bleach and put a noose around his neck prosecutors later claimed the actor and shake the attack with the help of the Sendero brothers who claim smaller had paid them he was then charged with disorderly conduct book cook county state attorney came fox dismiss the charges and that incensed the police department and the city of Chicago the case eventually landed a special prosecutor Dan Webb Slappy is due in court February twenty fourth Michelle Pelino fox news big twelve commissioner Bob dole's be on Capitol Hill today discussing whether student athletes should be paid college sports is not a vocation and the prince of the participants are not employees professional sports offer this arrangement all three testifying during a hearing on Capitol Hill NC double a president mark Emmert also there and talked about the unique character and quality of college sports others including democratic senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said so many people benefit from the athletes to compete he called for the competitors to get equitable compensation to the nation's largest wireless carriers are just about married the merger between sprint and T. mobile was given the go ahead today by a judge numerous states including California and New York tried to stop the merger by filing a lawsuit they were worried about less competition and higher prices the deal includes a provision that the two companies cover ninety seven percent of the U. S. with a five G. network within three years the California public utilities commission still has to approve the deal that's Phil Hewlett on Wall Street the Dow ended up unchanged on the day closing at twenty nine thousand to seventy six the nasdaq was up ten the S. and P. five hundred gained five.

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