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Frank Robinson, Baseball, MVP discussed on CBS Sports Radio


Frank robinson. Frank Robinson played the game of baseball with total integrity and steadfast determination. He won most valuable player awards in both the national and American leagues he achieved the American League triple crown in one thousand nine hundred sixty six his teams won five league titles in two World Series championships in one thousand nine hundred seventy five Frank Robinson broke the color barrier. As baseball's first African American manager and he later won manager of the year awards in both the national and American leagues the United States honors. Frank Robinson for his extraordinary chievements as a baseball player and manager and for setting a lasting example of character in athletics. This is after hours with Amy Lawrence. We love that audio from the presidential medal of Freedom Award ceremony. Frank Robinson being honored with the highest civilian award. And it's not about as baseball accomplishments. It's about the impact that he left the trail that he blazed, and the fact that he did it with an incredible toughness. That's the word I heard over and over on Thursdays. We found out that Mr. Robinson had passed away. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. Our phone number's eight five five two one two four two two seven. I did not see him play. He was into the hall of fame before I was paying any attention to major league baseball. And I do remember seeing him around baseball. When I first started to watch. But at that point he was he was already done the the to me he was more of a manager that he was a player. And obviously now, you know that that managerial career was was born out of his playing career. But at the time that I I learned about him. And and knew who he was and would recognize his face. It was as a manager. And of course, he was the first African American manager to to break that barrier and major league baseball. Now something else as I think back about it that wasn't something. That that I ever remember feeling like it was significant which has a kid sometimes you don't look at colors, and you don't think about those barriers and there's some naievety there. But there's also some innocence. I just knew that he was a manager in baseball. I love the post at the nationals put up and I retweeted at not that long ago, and they listed his accomplishments rookie of the year gold glove winner. Batting champ. Triple crown winner. Two time MVP two-time World Series champ World Series, MVP fourteen time all star all-star game MVP manager of the year hall of Famer and first manager in nets history. Of course, they weren't the nationals at the time. But to see the pictures of him in the Washington Expos gear was pretty cool on Thursday. Again as a as a kid. I didn't know anything about his playing career or the fact that he was tenth at the time. He would have been higher. But then he finished tenth on home runs. All time lists that he hit five hundred eighty six dinger's or that. He was the only player ever to win MVP in both leagues. And he was a triple crown winner. As a as a member of the Orioles in nineteen sixty six so none of that was anything that I knew about Frank Robinson. But I remember the smile. I remember people talking about him as though he was one of the greats. And I certainly remember the fact that since then since the point at which he was inducted into the hall of fame to the point at which he passed away on Thursday. He was revered for his impact and his his legacy was not ever forgotten or diminished. I there are a lot of guys who played major league baseball. There are a lot of guys who had first or whoever resumes that are similar to his exactly the same. But hall of famers who have an impressive list of accomplishments, but the ones who transcend the eras the ones who continue to be revered and continue to be respected long after they're done. Those are the ones that, you know, make the best embassador and whose legacy will will not be forgotten. Even though we this current generation didn't see him play. It's after hours as I mentioned on CBS sports radio, and you can find me on Twitter a radio or on Facebook. It was neat to go back and watch the videos and to see what people had to say about him one of his former teammates Jim Palmer commented this way on MLB network. That he never would have been as accomplished as he was without playing alongside the likes of Frank Robinson. And so that's the highest compliment that I think you can give anyone is teammate. Is you made me better? I'm better, and I accomplished more, and I saw more, and we one more because of you because I played alongside you because I was better with you. We also pulled up a piece of Frank Robinson's hall of fame speech. A young boy.

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Frank Robinson, Baseball, MVP discussed on CBS Sports Radio

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