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So it was not always easy for either of them. And the norms of course were very different. Really in those days, support support of supposed to run in one direction. You know it was supposed to be committed to him and he was. Surfer in other ways, but not to support her ambitions or anything like that. What made you interested in? Louisa Adams as historical figure. I came across some of her letters while researching independently for another historian, and I was struck by the quality of her voice. It was just so vivid and funny. I don't associate a lot of historical writing with humor. She really had a big bold voice in a big grin vision of people's to kill Yaris and a lot of psychological insights. She'll just said it as it was when you get into the nineteenth century, you often are reading all these men typically who were reading with their future biographers looking over their shoulder. So they were very cognizant of their nicking the right impression and she'd had none of that. She was sort of writing for the people that she was talking to when she was writing therapy and she wrote a lot. She would always memoir sketches. So the racists wealth. Material, and in a lot of it, she's really struggling with a lot of these ideas of identity and emotions and what her marriage means to her and how is it stifling her and how is it liberating her in all these questions? I think that we all struggle with. She was doing it in. You could watch her in real time and it was really exciting. It was just such journey for me to sit alongside her, see both how radically different that era was also how familiar some of these things that she was wrestling with her Louisa. Thomas is the author of Louisa, the extraordinary life of MRs Adams, thanks for speaking with us. Thank you. That's it for us. Today we come to you from the NAN and Bill Harris studios at w. h. here in Boston. I'm Carol hills back with you tomorrow. Public radio international..

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