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It is. It is part of the fallen world we live in so so that alone is just. I think the big tragedy of this this movement in that it doesn't allow normal people who have their faith in God to just go through the normal suffering that happens in in human life that's right told tragedy that's right so so obviously you're someone who comes from a background it's more than just. L. Let's make fun of these crazy people on TV. This was a personal thing. Just from hanging around the the exhibits arena. I've met people who kind of looked over at unit. That's Justin Peters and I learned this this this woman. I've actually talked just yesterday. I talked to a couple of people who basically were saying that because of your teaching they came out of the faith movement. And so. That's that's A. That's a beautiful thing. How often do you talk to people who are still in it and going through it and dealing with this stuff all the time Eddie All the time now here at this conference llosa's doctorate sound convert so we don't really have a lot of people. Walking around that. Are that are following Benny Hen or Joel. Osteen here but tons and tons of people. Tell me that they were in it. God delivered them out of it. And that's what you would expect from a Christian. A Christian can be in serious error for a season. But once he sees the truth from God's word if he's truly regenerate he's GonNa been the need to that truth And and God pulls people out of that deception of the Holy Spirit is not a weakling if he's strong enough to save us a strong enough to deliver his out of deception. Yeah I mean all the time. I get emails every single day now Eddie from people all over the world that Tell me that God by his good graces in providence have has pulled him out of this deception you know and now just so. I don't forget if someone wants to get a hold of your your conference that's on DVD or any kind of your teaching. Where can they go? You have a website. Yeah they can go to my website. Justin Peters Dot Org. Okay Justin Peters Dot Oregon I feel kind of funny about the name of our website. I promise I'm not trying to be narcissistic. I'm just not I is Eddie. Roman DOT COM. Oh I feel better now. I can relate so whether you have friends and family in this in this movement or not. So what what what do you call? I called the faith movement. What do you call this? Yeah Oh the technical term word of faith but I usually say word faith or okay New Apostolic Reformation. That's kind of a twin movement toward a faith. It's and really what we're seeing today. Is that word of faith in a are are just blending together. Just kind of becoming one monolithic stream. Ar It seems. I kind of look at it as an old heresy in new wrappings with new graphics and just kind of more catering toward the younger crowd. You know so. So yeah whether you have someone that you know personally in this movement or not you need to get Justin's materials and check this out because this will affect you at some point if you talk to people because it's growing and there are probably people around you who are in this very sad and yet very important for Christians to be ready to help. People Guide them out of this movement suggestion. One thing I'd like to do here is tell you about an experience. I had when I was out witnessing and I'm going to get back to this peer story. I started talking about a little bit at the beginning. I don't WanNa go through it and just get your take on why she would believe the things she said. And this this kind of thing so I get done preaching a sermon. And there's a big pierced next to me. I'm the way it's set up You're you're on the kind of.

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