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Be at Freeman Coliseum June fourteenth through sixteen Ilva chance to take selfies with the stars swells. Go in see celebrity panels and other special attractions. News time is twelve four. Breaking news on the hour at the half and anytime at W away dot com. This newscast brought to you by Primo plumbing. More of the Rush Limbaugh show next only here on NewsRadio twelve hundred wwl way. I this weekend Saturday and Sunday January nineteenth and twentieth. Make plans to attend the canyons at CDC loops twenty nineteen dream home. Open house and explore ten custom luxury model homes open for touring. This is a great opportunity to meet some of the best local builders. See the newest in home styles into courtroom. And discover the latest smart home technologies and energy efficiency products to truly personalize. Your new custom dream home here at the canyons shirt eleven here. The canyons is close to everything on the north side of San Antonio with locking Tara the rim shopping center, the medical center, UTSA, Texas, and so. So much more within minutes of this community. Don't miss the twenty nine thousand nine hundred dream home. Open house at the canyons this weekend and to our Ted luxury builder model homes on Saturday from ten to five in on Sunday from eleven to five for easy directions. Call now, eight seven seven three three three seventy nine twenty five that's eight seven seven three three three seventy nine twenty five or go online to that canyons TX dot com. Nearly one third wall. Traffic dance in the US or caused by drunk driver. Thomas J Henry has significant experience handling auto accident cases involving drunk driving one zero six five six one thousand..

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