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M. dot com this is weekend edition from NPR news I'm Renee montagne and on now to the week's news while many of you may have been enjoying your fourth of July I certainly was certain lawyers at the department of justice did not instead they were working trying to figure out how to get the citizenship question on the twenty twenty census in a way that would satisfy the Supreme Court and president trump plus in Iowa this week following her strong performance at the first democratic debate senator comma Harris did a little backtracking joining me now to talk about the week's news is in here senior editor and correspondent Ron Elving welcome good morning Rene first at that citizenship question in just a matter of days it's been on it's been off now the president says he wants it on again what what's going on there the Supreme Court said last month you could habit but only with good justification and the Supreme Court has ruled before that the census is supposed to count everyone and not just citizens as it has always then the president said yesterday he had four five ways that he could get this question back on but executive orders which were one of the ways he mentioned do not supersede court orders so the president is still going to have to have something that pleases the court and yesterday a federal judge in Maryland ordered further discovery in this case meeting people from commerce and the justice department are going to have to answer questions about this question where it came from and yesterday in court the lawyers for the administration admitted that at this point they don't know what to say the president has also been tweeting about another big story the conditions at the border patrol detention centers yesterday he said many of the migrants held there were and I'm quoting living far better now than they were where they came from and in safer conditions I mean that's not what a report from the department of homeland security's own office of inspector general said this week it it that report warned about dangerous overcrowding and prolonged detention without food or hygiene or laundry facilities very big difference that's right and in this informal conversations that the president had with reporters as he was leaving for his golf club he said that he had personally seen detention centers and that they were beautifully run of clean and so forth he may have seen some centers and he has been down to the region but he has not seen the ones that were described by that in turn that inspector general report that you mentioned and this looks like another case of the president essentially telling people to believe what he says and not the evidence of their own office well let's switch now to the the twenty twenty presidential race senator Kamilla Harris has been trying to keep her momentum going after she confronted vice president Joe Biden over his opposition back in the nineteen seventies to mandatory school busing but then just a couple of days ago she answered a question about her support for mandatory school busing and it sounded a lot like Biden's position the very one she criticized him for you know Renee this was the week Kamel Harris found out what happens when a candidate breaks out in a debate and gets in the face of the front runner you hit a bump in the polls but it comes with a lot of attention much of it critical and people take a longer look at your own positions on say passing and other issues as well and we also saw headlines about how she and her husband made their money we see folks on Twitter questioning racial origins which by the way caused her rival candidates to rally around in her defense including Joe Biden and what about your body and he's trying to recover ground lost in those debates he's been doing television interviews and trying to talk about his sort of multi part position on busing over the years and talk about his endorsements from African Americans who are local and state officials in key states it's very early the field is shifting and buying can ridership in time for the debates at the end of this month you'll still be the one the other candidates are coming after in the our senior editor and correspondent Ron Elving thanks for joining us thank you powerful yes compelling absolutely the US women's soccer team has captured headlines heart and stirred up controversy as they've played their way to the women's World Cup final the face the Netherlands in Leon tomorrow the pressure is really on Brian a scurry is someone who understands what that feels like she's a former goalie for the US team and she's with us to talk about it welcome thank you how are you I'm pretty good thank you you must be stuck like glue on this but you know we are here for you played in three world cups including one of the winds for the U. S. teams in a nineteen ninety nine how would you describe what it's like to be out there on that field in that final game it's exhilarating to be honest with you and it's really interesting for me to watch on TV because on the game days I feel similar to how he's to feel when I played just because I've really still feel a kinship in a connection to the current team even though it's been many years since I played but I feel we are all connected and inspired by with each other well what are your thoughts on this current team they are really having to deal with so many things off the pitch that normally a lot of teams wouldn't be able to deal with one there reigning champions of course the target is always going to be enormous on your back if you're reigning champion they had to play the host country France in the quarterfinals and you know we're able to fight against you know forty five thousand French fans and and still win the game they've had some controversy regarding their goal celebrations and whether they're celebrating too much or not enough it's been a lot of adversity off the pitch which it seems to me to have only fueled their fire on the pitch so it's actually come to be something of an advantage if you will because when you have outside forces sometimes crashing against you as a team it brings you closer to one another and a lot of times you feel like it's you against the world and I think that's really how they're playing right now one thing that has come up is that two other soccer tournaments are scheduled the same day as the women's World Cup final both our men's championships the Copa America and the CONCACAF gold Cup and one of the stars for the US women's team Megan Rapinoe has called this and I'm quoting ridiculous and disappointing and a distraction what is your take on that I couldn't be more in alignment with the ridiculousness of this when the men's World Cup is going on FIFA does not schedule anything other than the men's World Cup there's nothing else happening and the fact that these tournaments that are going on right now in the different areas of the world our chief of sanctioned tournaments and so there's some planning that went into putting two finals on the exact same date as the women's World Cup and it's almost a little bit of a slap in the face yeah and the idea is that you know thanks a lot.

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